Interview with Occupy Spokane by Kerry Lutz

Listen to my interview with four people from Occupy Spokane. While three of the four were completely ill-informed, they were extremely polite, non-violent and non-confrontational. Listen to William, the last speaker. He gets it and understands that capitalism is our friend and savior and the only thing that can fix the economic mess we’re currently in. The others, while well intentioned clearly don’t have the educational background or intellectual horsepower to grasp the causes and potential cures of the economic collapse we are currently living through.

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1 comment to Interview with Occupy Spokane by Kerry Lutz

  • Prudentis

    Yes, it is a scary thing with crises.
    Many people don’t have a clue why an economy or their community goes down the gutter so the trend is often times a shift to the extremes, be it right or left.
    This is what I truely fear most concerning the current crisis.

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