Silver Shield Report #2- 2012: The Least Important Election Ever

In this issue of the Silver Shield Report I will layout the rapidly developing political landscape as we head into the 2012 election cycle. It is so important to be able to spot these developments now while the paradigm exists, because your life may depend on your ability to challenge the perceived reality and make the right decision. I hope you enjoy this new report and I will post the next one after our first event in Cleveland this weekend.

“Chris your ideas just keep growing.This is the next level!” -Michael McAlvain

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0:00- Intro

2:53- 2012: The Least Important Election Ever

4:03- Why Ron Paul Will Not Win

7:04- Our Next Idiocracy President

12:33- Don’t Count Out Obama

14:29- Tea Party Subverted

16:37- Master Media Manipulator

19:54- You Cannot Beg For Power

22:32- The New Hegelian Dialectic

24:59- Admit It, You Fell For It For The Rant

34:35- The Coming Strong Man

36:21- You Cannot Solve Debt Problem With More Debt

39:00- Cain Is Not Able

42:30- Obama Occupies White House Again

43:38-1 Slave vs. 30 Slaves

6 comments to Silver Shield Report #2- 2012: The Least Important Election Ever

  • Mustafa Cohen

    Is it just me, or did anyone else hear the bit about Ratigan 3 times by minute 41?

  • howie trinh

    Great session Chris, totally agree Ron Paul won’t be allowed to win , even if he gets the votes, how hard would it b for them to manipulate the numbers and make it lt look like Ron lost ? not very hard considering they managed to get most of the world believing gidaffi is a tyrant and then put Hillary on tv laughing about a few days after murdering him…

  • Health Warrior

    Chris, how is that in this one we only hear you on one side (mono)? The other audio incorporated is on both sides (stereo).

  • Health Warrior

    Have you seen the continental congress 2009?
    The articles of freedom there? I believe its all the leaderless resistance stuff. I’d like to hear your opinion on this. thanks!

  • Freedom Lover

    Chris, really enjoyed this one. I agree with many of your views. Nice to hear I am not alone. The big ‘idea’ that I am trying to figure out is how to get others to reach the same point and conclusion that we apparently have. Once that occurs by enough people then change will be possible.

  • Christopher Smith

    Again Excellent talk and break down of the Dylan Ratigan rant and the Marine vs Cops. Enjoyed.

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