Listen To A Psychopath Cackle

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  • rainmaker

    Its amazingly sad really. We elect the worse possible people. The worst possible people are appointed to offices of great power and esteem. And then our media worships them or anti-worships them, it makes no difference, either collectivists of fascists. I’m embarrassed really, to think I once believed that this was the greatest system in the world and yet our populace elects whom it does. Never mind the propaganda. I just cannot fathom that these are the types elected. I think I prefer wrestling.

  • RealityChick

    You are so right. And no one seems to be “elected” anymore, as $$ speaks louder than votes — if your vote even makes it to the counting table. Part of our awakening… Now if we can all just shift to “Occupy Congress”, then we’ll be on our way towards truly “cleaning house”!

  • I guess you’re also sad that people cheered the death of Saddam Hussein and Osama Bin Laden, right?

    • Silver Shield

      Not a fan of dictators, but realize that they were killed by bigger, badder, slicker gangsters….

  • Jon

    We put them in power when needed & take them out when it suits our agenda. We’re a blood thirsty lot!

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