The Greatest Truth Never Told 2. Believe Nothing

8 comments to The Greatest Truth Never Told 2. Believe Nothing

  • Bill Kenney

    I just wanted to say that I am not too sure what you are pushing, but I found the little three min clip excellently made and left me very interested. Good job.

  • Pete Bonicelli Jr.

    Thanks Chris! : )

  • bill

    I’m surprised that Obama has not already pulled the “internet kill switch” in order to keep himself cloaked in darkness and away from your beacon. The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled off was convincing people that he did not exist.

  • Mustafa Cohen

    Great form and great substance. These short videos are crisp, to the point and stand a chance to be viewed even by reluctant/skeptical people when shared.

  • Gustavo Arismendi

    Great videos. I agree with the previous comment. I think shorter videos have a better chance to be viewed than larger videos. If people are interested in learning more they will keep going or if they just want to show a specific part or concept they can use a specific video and go from there. I don’t know if that makes sense, but since we are all different maybe the different topics/points in the shorter videos will appeal to different types of people. Good job on the editing and the production Chris!

    • Silver Shield

      I realized that the Sons of Liberty Academy is loaded with tons of great information but limited itself simply by its format.
      TGTNT will succeed where the SOLA was limited.

  • Alfred Newman

    “Question everything” is a message that can’t be confused with the usual message one might find at other locations on the net because they are trying to sell you something. Nothing for sale here.
    and Chris makes it very clear that this is a leaderless resistance in that we will not have a dictator or ‘cult of personalty’ type organization.
    Everyone who is capable will have a chance to contribute in a way that will help us adapt to the coming changes as they unfold before us going forward.

    We’re lucky to have him because being able to grasp “the big picture” is hard enough and laying it out in a comprehensive manner in such a way that relates to all of us is a monumental achievement and should be recognized as such by anyone who has the courage and temerity to poke their nose in further and get a full view.

    Inside is a veritable feast of education and enlightenment.

    Adults or those who are trying to become one(like me) are welcome… the kids who prefer to stay outside get hotdogs, and now – the adults have something serious we have to discuss and until then I will bid you “farewell…”

  • sophia

    great job chris, the clips are such a boost to read, i am so priveledged to be part of the chapter in human growth, so heartened that there are so many like minded people out there. we will have a better planet to live on

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