The Greatest Truth Never Told 3. The Tea Cup

3 comments to The Greatest Truth Never Told 3. The Tea Cup

  • trailhiker

    Good stuff SS, keep it comin!

  • Robert

    Teachability . . .that is SO essential. Unless one is an Einstein, at the beginning of enlightenment, one really has to grasp, first, how little he/she knows. I’m sure you, Chris, could not have digested and understood a fraction of all you have acquired over the past few years if you had not constantly worked at keeping your mind open to new ideas and perspectives (even with the questioning you advise – they are NOT mutually exclusive.) Case in point: I “thought” I knew about options trading, and would “second guess” the trade recos from traders who get paid based on their experience. Losing about $30K over the past few years has (I dearly hope) finally humbled me. Couldn’t I have taken the “express train” to that realization? Probably not. Like the arrogant warrior in your tea-cup story, I am having to come back with an empty cup (poorer), a humble attitude and an open mind.

    • Silver Shield

      Very good point which is why I chose to put this little gem at the beginning of this huge project.

      Unless your mind is open, all of the truth in the world will never sit in.

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