The Greatest Truth Never Told 4. Total Freedom

4 comments to The Greatest Truth Never Told 4. Total Freedom

  • Rey Arbolay

    In order to achieve said freedom it is not only necessary to free yourself mentally but geographically. As long as you live, work and produce in the tax farm it is not possible to be free. As long as you live in the shadow of the State’s guns you are a slave. Although it is true that the first step to freedom is realizing that you are not free, no amount of understanding or enlightenment will make you free until you become free of your master.

  • Mustafa Cohen

    As long as you live in the shadow of the State’s guns you are a slave.Where on Earth is there a physical state-less space?

  • Not on earth, on water. The only way to truly free yourself from any State is to not be in their geographical area. Yes, I know it is far fetched but, establishing a colony of like minded individuals 125 miles or more away from the geographical boundaries of any State, out in the ocean, is the only way to almost guarantee freedom. I say almost because States still posses navies and the evil intent to keep you a slave. Once such a colony becomes successful, States might decide that you are harboring terroristscriminalsenemiesoftheState, etc and attack anyway. Even so, it is less likely for it to happen in the open ocean than in their geographical location. Ask David Koresh about that one.

  • Shari

    True freedom is in your mind. No matter where you live, or who you owe taxes to, or even if you are physically held captive, your mind has the power to think otherwise at any moment it chooses to. Those who know true freedom can find it and hold it any under any condition.If you can not hold to the truth that you are free regardless of circumstance bondage wins, You loose. Blessed are those who find freedom in their minds and draw upon it and take solace in it.

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