Peter Schiff Brilliantly Debates The New Bolsheviks Of OWS

OWS will be the new Bolsheviks when this degenerates into class warfare and the masses seek to confiscate their way to justice.

All of the liberty minded people participating in it will be coopted.

The Tea Party was infiltrated, subverted, and destroyed.

OWS is the final step to create a new dialectic.

Listen carefully to this debate.


I will say this again…

You cannot solve collectivism with more collectivism.

You cannot solve debt with more debt.

You cannot solve war with more war.

You cannot solve problems with the same consciousness as the one that created the problem.


There is always a way that the Elite don’t want you to even consider, and it is freedom.

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5 comments to Peter Schiff Brilliantly Debates The New Bolsheviks Of OWS

  • Brandon Raub

    Wow lol.

    Peter Schiff, “What percentage would be fair?”

    Woman,”We should get rid of the bush tax cuts.”

    Schiff,”What percentage of my income should I pay taxes on.”

    Woman,”Youre not paying enough taxes.”

    Schiff,”What percentage is fair?”

    Woman,”The bush tax cuts…”

    Conversation repeats itself twenty times. What the American people in the occupy wall street movement do not understand is that the super rich in this country, the fortune 100, have gotten there through crony capitalism and a system that is slanted to crush the middle class through inflation and taxes. The ‘taxes’ she wants to levy on the rich would only effect people who are employees and ceos not the people who own the corporations and definitely not the people who control our banking institutions. The rich in this country are rich because they play by a different set of tax rules. This woman has two options: 1) become involved and work to change the tax laws and get rid of the federal reserve which levies a ‘hidden tax’ or inflation, or 2) stop being mad at the game and learn to play by the rules of the game. She’s mad simply because she’s lived her entire life and hasn’t yet figured out how to become rich. Peter Schiff hit the nail on the head. She wants to get into the 1% and doesn’t know how.

    • Silver Shield


      Newspeak limits the ability for the masses to form thoughts…

      Feed them sound bites, soon all they can repeat is sound bites.

  • Dave

    Awesome….he shut that idiot lady up big time! “How many people do you employ????” Classic….

  • Ragnar

    She actually said, “You should want to share your success.” and “You should want to help the next guy.” Why exactly should he want to do these things?

  • Ben

    A friend sent me a link to this and it was on one of the Pied Piper’s websites. I thought it was brilliant. I have actually talked to some of these people at the “occupy” rally in the city that is nearest to me. Some of the folks I talked to are not that different from some of the individuals that I see here on this website. However, a greater number of them are concerned with collectivism, social programs, rights and that most awful word in our language….


    I always ask them who determines what is fair? And they can never really answer it…or I am greated with a blank stare.

    My favorite question to ask these people is this….

    “When will it ever be good enough for you?”

    They never seem to have an answer.

    One thing is for sure. I need to invest in a camara and capture some of these statements.

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