Five Ways to Wake Someone up

There are many ways to wake-up your loved ones.

Here’s just five examples.

  1.  Prepare a cooked breakfast with the scent wafting into their bedroom.
  2. Kiss and cuddle them.
  3. Throw a bucket of water over them.
  4. Set an alarm.
  5. Shake their bed.

Okay, okay, these are ways to wake someone up from the literal sense of sleep.  The concept’s the same though i.e. there will most probably be more than one ‘angle’ at awakening the sheeple.  A ‘horses for courses’ strategy is required.

Anyone got some ideas for waking-up those deluded ‘paper bugs that bought into the ‘euro rescue’ package agreement?  Or are they a lost cause?


13 comments to Five Ways to Wake Someone up

  • Ben

    “In making a speech one must study three points: first, the means of producing persuasion; second, the language; third the proper arrangement of the various parts of the speech.”


    I have employed all three of these points with my family and friends….it has yet to work. At times, I feeling like the toiling ant and they are the grasshoppers. I have come to realize that some people just do not want to leave their comfort zone.

    Or as Yoda might say…

    “The normalacy bias is strong in this one…yes…”

  • rainmaker

    Gareth, they are a lost cause, but we gotta try to save a few anyway, we might get lucky and find a few worth redemption. Like one of my favorite mentors used to say “If we got rid of all the assholes, we would not have any customers” :-)I am truly amazed that the stock market flies because the EU decides to roll the printing presses and then leverage that fiat at 5 to 1. It does not fix anyting, only makes it worse. Gives the pit-boss more time to squeeze the vig. Also, it scares out the Longs. Be prepared for another smackdown, the Shorts gotta cover. Be thanful for the extra time. Get your house in order and keep stacking and reloading.

  • bogbeagle

    Time makes more converts than reason.

  • Gareth

    @Ben: I think many have ‘Ostrich’ syndrome. Just put their head in the ‘sand’ an pretend nothing’s happening. I give my family silver coins for birthdays, and that’s what they’ll all get this Christmas too. Hopefully one of them will ‘wake up’.

    @rainmaker: Hopefully some ‘daytraders’ will come to their senses….the more that do, the better. Not sure how to get through to them though as I’ve never met one in ‘real’ life.

    @Bogbeagle: Yes, it’s important to be patient.

  • I consider any prepping conversations (no arguments) with my family and friends as seeds planted. The seeds may germinate and they may not. I cannot argue with folks until I’m blue in the face — it doesn’t work. They have to decide that they want to believe. No magic formulas that I can tell.

    As with my spiritual walk, I try to live an exemplary and loving life and hope that my light will attract some who will ask questions. Keeping good relationships with loved ones as best as you can is a worthy pursuit. Don’t berate your loved ones if they reject your advice on preparing. Keep the door open to conversation if one day they “get it”.

    After the collapse, you will have to make the hard judgment if those that rejected your advice come to your door. For us, we’ve already told my family and my husband’s family that we will not be here after a collapse of society so #1 don’t worry about us (we have a safe “place” to go and the means to get there, even after an EMP) and #2 you can have whatever is left behind (not much) in our house but you probably won’t want to come to our neighborhood because it will be very dangerous at that point. And, yes, my family does know what an EMP is now :)

  • Silver Surfer

    I remind myself not to try and convince anyone of anything. For if I did then they never really came to any conclusion on their own and if you don’t get there on your own to some degree then you’re really never convinced. It’s when they get that splinter in their brain they can’t get rid of and are forced to reconcile it researching the issue whatever it is that leads them to Liberty. Also, I think of planting seeds. Someone may come along and say the same thing you said but them hearing it from someone else can really be powerful.

  • Howard

    I tried to wake people up , showed them all the facts and history, and in the end it’s always a epic fail… Infact I only got 1 person to buy silver and he finally “got it” after about a month of debates and questions. Crazy thing is the one that I got thru to was the least “educated” of the bunch… Hmmmmmmm

  • Gareth

    Thanks for the responses and sharing your ideas, folks.

    @ Howard: I’ve seen the education system from both sides and it’s a complete waste of time these days. I’m not sure what it’s like where you’re located, but the ‘elite’ have set-up endless pointless quals in Blighty. Probably need some National Vocational Qualification to take a $hit if it continues in this vain. It’s just about setting up barriers and obstacles – that’s ALL the education/qual system is about.


  • Howard

    Totally agree Gareth, the sole called “educated” ones were to brainwashed and far gone to try to reason with… I talked to a guy with university degree that won’t even question some of the glaring holes in the “official” 911 story . Calls me a conspiracy nut yet any sane person that does even the smallest amount of research will begin to question things… Meh that’s what this site is for I guess , to get our daily dose of reality lol

  • Prudentis

    You know, the biggest issue I have with waking my friends up is that I do not like to persuade or even influence people.
    Instead I always try to educate by giving examples and presenting conflicts to their perceptions. After all this is how I learn and get new ideas. If I am presented with ideas contradicting my believes, I am forced to reevaluate them and in the best case scenario, I learn something in the process and expand my knowledge and my world becomes larger, in the worst case, I find another set of ideas, which confirm my believes reducing the unknown.
    The sad thing is, how few other people are willing to include new ideas into their established systems. The problem is, that I can still err. The more I know he more I am aware of the fact, how little I can say for sure. In that scenario the only option left is to educate and let people decide for themselves.
    The “good intention” persuasion might end up putting you in a position, where you will be held responsible for others’ errors. Inflation, deflation, gold, silver, water, food, shelter, location … noone can really, without a shadow of a doubt persuade anyone into good prepardness. What is good for you might be destructive for your friends.
    Only through fully consious decisions, on one’s own responsibility can anyone prepare himself for what’s coming.
    So keep educating but please, stop persuading. Give them the freedom, you want for yourselves even if this freedom means, they will go unprepared. Forcing people (be it through force or “just” persuasion) to do things, they are not prepared to do, is the first step of enslavement. It is the first step to the “dark side” 😉

  • Gareth

    @Prudentis: Good post, like you’re train of thinking. I’ll still be giving my family silver coins for Christmas though….plant some seeds. I’m patient; there’ll come a point in which they’ll start asking questions of the world.

  • Prudentis

    You are doing it right. This will give them something to thing about. Any break from the mundane should wake the child in them. Wake people from their slumber. Keep it up!

  • Gareth

    @ Prudentis: I try my best :-)

    By-the-way, don’t think that you don’t influence people. I personally see the universe as one complex interaction. You will affect/influence others whether you intend to or not. It’s HOW you influence or affect them because influence/affect them you will anyway.

    Good Luck

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