Exclusive Interview with the World Famous Martin Armstrong by Kerry Lutz

In one of the best interviews I’ve ever conducted, we sit down with Martin Armstrong. Martin was sitting on top of the world. His advice was sought out by many high powered financial types. He was helping Japan try to recover from their economic collapse. All of a sudden his career was cut short. He had discovered a nefarious plot by a major US bank. When he blew the whistle on the wrong doers, he found himself at the center of a legal/financial drama worthy of a John Grisham novel. All of his accounts were frozen and his assets seized. He spent 7 years in jail on a bankruptcy contempt charge, a near record sentence. He was never tried for his alleged civil offense, and was kept under lock and key at the Federal Manhattan Corrections Center. Then he was pressured into a plea bargain and received the maximum sentence, the US Attorney having reneged on his arrangement.

But Martin survived to tell his story and explain why our problems are so intractable and default is inevitable. He is a survivor and is now educating the world.

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