Freedom In The 50 States

This is a great look at the personal and economic freedoms in all of the 50 states.  This ties in nicely with our Ultimate Exit Strategy as we set about creating our own paradigm. Couple this list with the 13 states that are proposing to have gold and silver as legal tender and the list gets further narrowed. (I made the states bold if they have legislation or pending legislation gold and silver legal tender laws.)
It is funny how much just moving from New Jersey to Ohio has made a huge difference in my life with freer gun laws and lower cost of living.  I am anxiously waiting on making that final move to freedom when the paradigm shifts.

2 comments to Freedom In The 50 States

  • thankful

    FYI they are all bold :-)

  • methylamine

    I’m totally surprised by Montana’s low ranking, and Idaho’s very high rank.
    Montana is not dominated by any large cities, and its people seem to have a strong live-and-let-live ethic.

    Why is it so statist? Guess I’ll change plans and move to Idaho instead.

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