In the truth corner I present to you the BCG

My alarm went off, and my head was thumping loudly.  I’d woken-up in my childhood home, the residence of my parents, and had spent the previous evening at a good friend’s house who’d recently become engaged.  The celebratory drinks were taking their toll, and I contemplated going back to sleep………..”get-up” I told myself, “this day could be an interesting one”.

So after several cups of coffee and a few cigarettes I set-off to the train station and purchased a day-return ticket to Stoke-on-Trent.  The day did indeed start interestingly as I met a former kung fu guide who was going to a nearby town to start filming on a new production.  “Now there’s a man that lives his own life and walks his own path”, I thought.

Upon arrival at the British Constitutional Group convention, I wandered around the stalls and purchased a book and some interesting $notes regarding 911.  The day’s format included a recap of current progress, an introduction to common law and how some BCG activists had been ‘playing’ the courts throughout the country – including the arrest of unlawful judges.  This was followed by a summary of the ‘elites’ globalist agenda, and an overview of the Alternative Monetary System via the Lawful Bank.

I can recall some of the comments to Chris’ ‘ultimate exit strategy’, and to those that regard his plan as overly ambitious – you’ll discover the BCG equivalent as an unobtainable dream of epic proportions.  I shall report each part of the convention in isolation, but first I would like to address some of the core themes expressed by the BCG.

  1. Closing-down of Rothschild’s Fiefdom – the City of London
  2. A national ban on usury practice and cancellation of current £sterling-derived debt
  3. Bringing the troops home to defend the people from the parasitical elite’s foreign hit squads
  4. Recognition of the ancient Laws of England, and our constitution
  5. Setting up an Alternative Monetary System with the intention to eventually move towards an economy that doesn’t require currency for internal trade – think ‘Venus Project’.
  6. An abolition of political parties
  7. A concerted attempt to minimize chaos as the current paradigm collapses in on itself

The Constitution

England does have a constitution.  Magna Carta 1215, the bill of rights 1689, and the right to petition are sovereign laws that no parliament, monarch, or chamber of Lords can repeal.  The concept of habeas corpus, the right to trial by jury, and many other freedoms were fought for here in England.  Many of these concepts were adopted and expanded upon by the founding fathers of the USA.

England has a constitutional monarchy – a tri-partite government, containing the head of state, a spiritual thinking house, and a temporal chamber in the form of the commons.  Not one of these entities is sovereign.  The English people are individually sovereign, and therefore so is England.

There have been many moments in history when one component of the tri-partite government has attempted to usurp the other two.  For example, the Stuart Kings believed they were divine monarchs and answerable only to God, and not the people.  As a result of their arrogance, two of the four Stuarts lost their crown; Charles I lost his crown and his head, then James II was forced to flee the country to safety.  Edward II was another psychotic King that believed he was sovereign.  He was eventually killed with a red-hot poker being rammed-up his back passage.

All-in-all, the component of the tri-partite government that has historically caused us the most problems – and a need for some ‘head-rolling’- has been the monarchs.  Since the dawn of the 1900s, however, the malevolent component has most certainly become the treasonous members of parliament.  Such members have recently been warned about their behaviour, and we await their response.

Common Law

“Law is that which is right” Chief Justice Stoner 1345

“There is no such thing as bad law, for if it is bad, it is not law” Chief Justice Beresford late 1300s

“For those who are unaware: our forefathers established a principle that it is the English people who must approve any changes to our laws, and this principle has been handed down to us.” Albert Burgess 2011

Common law is essentially common sense and finds most of its basis in the Holy Bible.  Most people do indeed know intuitively whether a law is just, or a sentence is unjust; unfortunately due to our debt-enslavement and centuries-long ‘sleep’ we have turned a blind-eye to all the injustice in the world;  this is something we each to need to address individually at a spiritual level.

Common Law comprises, amongst other things, the following notions:

*We cannot suffer any fine or forfeiture unless we have been found guilty of an offence in a court of law – a common law court, one in which you are judged by your peers NOT a bureaucratic tick-box shill judge.

*Fines should not be excessive and no cruel or unusual punishments inflicted.

*Threat of a fine or forfeitures voids the offence

*We may not be imprisoned unless found guilty in a common law court

Common law, in essence, is a barrier to tyranny and despotic rule.  No wonder the elitist members of parliament are doing their best to destroy the English justice system.  We will refuse to obey ‘their’ Laws, and people are already fighting them back in the courts.

Lawful Rebellion

The BCG is rebelling throughout the courts using the principle of common law, and the moral repulsion of the elite’s law.

This isn’t something I would personally recommend to everyone at this juncture.  Those that are effectively ‘testing’ the courts consist of lawyers, former prisoners, sea captains, and former police officers.  Such people have a sound knowledge of constitutional law, the aspect of the ‘straw man’, and refuse to be intimidated by corrupt elements within the police force.  Indeed, the BCG have ambitious plans for our own police force, called the ‘peace force’ and are making preparations for current police officers to ‘jump ship’ from what can be reasonably called the ‘dark side of the force’.

“I pray for those that don’t pay their taxes” Chris Duane 2011

Yes, please send your metaphysical blessings to Roger Hayes and others that openly defy the corrupt judicial system we have befallen under whilst in our centuries-old sleep.

The Lawful Bank

This is a topic that I’ve elaborated upon over and over.  How can I explain to a group of silver-bugs that a ‘freedom’ movement is advocating another currency that isn’t backed by precious metal?

There are many calls that the current global fiats are un-backed currencies but are these calls really true?  It’s certain none are backed by gold and silver, and indeed I personally doubt the Anglo-American elite have much silver and gold anyway.

Mike Maloney states that current fiat is backed by the government’s ability and willingness to extract taxes from their population.  This makes sense: Many governments issue fiat, and are probably willing to extract taxes, but lack the ability.  Such fiats swing wildly against other currencies and there are regions of the world in which a shopkeeper would much rather accept $US in payment than the local currency.  This is because the FED really does have the willingness and ability to tax US citizens – and indirectly EVERYONE in the world – although that’s rapidly becoming like extracting blood from a stone.

So the current fiats are not ‘un-backed’ as some people assume.  They aren’t backed by precious metal, but they are backed by the corrupt government’s ability to TAX.. TAX… TAX.  What are they taxing?  The people’s labour of course.

This is the reasoning behind the Lawful Bank.  The currency can be backed by people’s labour.  In the symbolic nature of money, Jim Koconis correctly reasons that the vast majority of people couldn’t give a $hit what the chemical composition – so long as they can use it in exchange for goods and services, and it has a store of valued etc.

The Lawful Bank is de-centralised.  Indeed, I could set one up tomorrow if I so wished – although I would need some capital to launch it.

The next ‘clanger’ is that the BCG wishes to implement fractional reserve banking! – At least at the start-up stage.  My jaw dropped when I first heard Roger Hayes mention this feature.  It’s also created out of thin-air, just like today’s government-sanctioned fiat.  Any silver-bugs having a heart attack yet? I know what my ‘gut’ feeling was.  My brief conversation with Roger Hayes leaves me to believe he thinks China could peg her currency to gold – which would leave ‘us’ in a bad predicament.  If you’re reading this Roger, please consider linking it to something…at least at the start-up stage.  Copper would be perfect as the psychological is from inferred assets towards tangible assets at this moment in time 2011.

The ultimate idea of the Lawful Bank is to set-up a currency system for those jumping ship out of debt-based £sterling in a country with no constitutional law regarding gold and silver, and also in a country without much gold and silver.

The currency is backed by the labour of the participants….all wilful participants – demonstrated by them ‘jumping ship’ themselves as the debt-based fiats implode.  No usury, no central control, and if society rejects it then it will fail, but it society adopts the currency it will succeed.  It is not being forced upon the public.

As I indicated at the start, the BCG would ideally like a currency-less society along the lines of the Venus Project…but that is perhaps a little too far at this moment in time.  Or is it? I don’t know.


The British Constitutional Group are no ‘one-trick pony’ and have been developing the ingredients for the common folk of England to ‘jump ship’ from Rothschild’s debt-enslavement into a world of de-centralised currency; common sense common law justice; and ultimately…freedom.

Chris Duane, the founder of Sons of Liberty Academy and Don’t Tread On Me, is a man I often seek-out for both specific and general advice.  I invested in silver instead of Krugerand, but couldn’t resist some copper bullion after consulting Chris.  No two minds are identical, so I trusted my instinct to get some copper but trusted Chris’ advice and purchased silver instead of gold.

Chris also recommended tracking down as much info, including past track-records of individuals, when looking for shill-moves.  Indeed, Chris was one of the first, if not the first, to identify a connection between Rothschild and bullionvault.

The BCG comprises of a diverse range of people with different backgrounds working in loose association, in leaderless fashion, to acquire a common goal…..the end to the Rothschild era in England.

Leaderless resistance is necessary at this juncture.  ALL hierarchical structures are susceptible to fifth column………including the elite’s by-the-way.  Political parties have been subjugated via placing shills in key positions to ensure the Rothschild-era of death, debt, deceit and lies continues.

Stay in small groups for now, folks!!

The BCG comprises of sea admirals, naval fighting tacticians, police, military – both former and current, teachers, blacks, whites, women, men, poor and rich……..all uniting together for a common goal.  They track shill groups, and have set up a bank in Rothschild’s back garden – England.

Will they succeed? I don’t know, but I do trust them at this juncture, even though they are some of the most secretive people I’ve encountered.

Research them yourself, and trust your own instincts.

PS. I’m still stocking-up on silver and copper bullion, tinned foods, dried foods etc, and after some excellent advice from the wise head ‘Country Codger’, I’ve a good armoury of non-gun weaponry.  I shall be preparing for the worst, whilst hoping for the best.


Many writers at DTOM set tasks such as purchase silver etc.  I’ve two for you:

Buy real seed

Feed the bees

Good Luck and Peace.


The British Constitutional Group

UK Column

Layman’s Guide to the English Constitution, Albert Burgess, 2011, Published by

9 comments to In the truth corner I present to you the BCG

  • 5150

    A decentralized lawful bank “backed by the labour of participants” sounds like monetary slavery. Isn’t this the present set-up with the dollaro rhe Euro? Monetary slavery?

    Decentralized, it can be co-opted again soon by the same PTB that hold everything right now. This will be done thru the clever use of business laws, or the creation of laws where there are none. Then the cycle begins anew. Boom and bust for the Elite?

    Beware, it seems the system or machine is still there, but the Elite just let the people run it for a while, until the time comes for the Elite to take control of the system once again.

  • Gareth

    @5150: Like I state, “Research them yourself, and trust your own instincts”

    If you find anything ‘iffy’ these days, then don’t play along.

    What if you were to witness Rothschild’s head roll? Would that ease any concerns :-) Or do you think there’s a layer of the elite beneath Rothschild?

  • bogbeagle

    When I read words like “ban” and “abolition”, my antennae start to tingle.

    So, it’s clear to me that the BCG and I do not see eye-to-eye. Not entirely. Still, I expect that the BCT is a “work-in-progress” and will be malleable.

    My jaw dropped, too, when I watched the video expounding the Lawful Bank. However, the adoption of FRB as a strategy to both highlight and challenge the existing system, may have some merit. I need to learn more about this Lawful Bank … and mull it over awhile.

    Do you have any details re when-ish those letters were sent; and to whom? I’m looking for a reaction in the media, you see.

  • rainmaker

    Great read Gareth. Another interesting bullion coin-metal is “nickel”. Perhaps pegging a currency to industrial metals is merited?

  • Gareth

    @bogbeagle: Trust your own instincts. The ban, by-the-way, would be on current political parties. I tend to agree with them on that. The letters were introduced eight days ago, so I would imagine many politicians will have already read one. I don’t know which ones. My ‘question mark’ is the lack of a tangible substance linked to the Lawful Bank; which is up-and-running by-the-way, I’ve even got a bankcard for it. It’s only used in Liverpool at the moment, and I’m nowhere near there at present. I’ll just wait and see what happens with it.

    @rainmaker: Cheers, bud. I think ‘nickel’ could definately take-off in parts of the States. As you know money/currency is part psychological and in England people don’t refer to coins as ‘nickel’. They do however call coins ‘copper’, and the older generation refer to 5p,10p,20p,and 50p as ‘silver’ even though the coins are made of cupranickel. The Government robbed the people’s silver from 1947 onwards by replacing silver coins – 50% silver at that time – with cupranickel. Psychologically we therefore have silver and copper in England.

    Perhaps the English should peg their new currency to copper at one pound weight to one pound £sterling?

  • Prudentis

    You really mean it Gareth, don’t you :)
    I am really excited to see, how this works out.

    I would however like to give a word of caution regarding the Venus Project. Much of it ready like collectivist utopia. Been there, seen it. If you are unsure, I would recommend a discussion between Stefan Molyneux and Peter Joseph about the Venus Project:
    I am not a strict proponent of Stefan’s anarchistic views but his critique on the Venus Project is valid and fits with my view of markets which is heavily influenced by Heyek and Mises.

  • bogbeagle

    Venus Project … scary, totalitarian stuff.

    Meanwhile, the BCG is interesting but has such a low profile. There’s no forum and no apparent regional network. Seems like a restrictive private club.

    Where do you go to speak to like-minded Brits?

  • Gareth

    @ Prudentis and bogbeagle: To be fair to the BCG, they never mentioned the Venus Project. That was MY connection of the dots. They talked about a currency-less society sometime in the future, possibly. There’s also a lot of talk about free energy and some BCG members are part of the scientific communinity – think cold fusion etc. Essentially it was ME that thought ‘venus project’, so don’t read too much into that. The BCG basically want rid of Rothschild and a return to common law.
    @ bogbeagle: You can speak to like-minded Brits here at DTOM – and you can thank Chris Duane, an American, for that. I can be your first point of reference if you wish? I’ve a link to the BCG. Like I state though – they are kinda secretive at this moment. They have to be – setting up a bank under Rothschild nose is slighty dangerous as you can imagine.

    PS What do you think of the idea of linking £sterling to copper at one pound weight to one pound sterling?

  • bogbeagle


    Thanks, you can email me at That’s my “open” email address, so I don’t mind it being on this site.

    I do think that we have a mutual acquaintance within the BCG.

    As to backing a currency using copper … seems perfectly reasonable to me. We did it before, didn’t we? I rather like the idea of private banks, with competition amongst them; issuing a variety of currencies.

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