1st Sons of Liberty Academy Meeting Wrap Up

“I just attended the Silver Shield meeting in Cleveland.  It was great to meet other ‘awakened’ folks.  Got to meet Chris and his wife.  Great people.  There is a real belief and passion behind what Chris is doing.  More important to me, this is not about making money, this is about making a difference.  Thanks for the hard work Chris.” Jeff P.

What an awesome day we had yesterday at our first Sons of Liberty Academy meeting in Cleveland yesterday!  I really did not know what to expect, but it was awesome to be with so many other positive, aware individuals.  Far to many that journey down this path of awareness get stuck in the gloom and doom.  This group is aware and prepared for what is coming and saw at the meeting that we can now start the conversation on what to do after it happens. It really felt like with this conversation that you got the sense of what the founding fathers did when they started the committee of correspondence.  Building an intellectual foundation for a new way of life takes time, trust and understanding.  What a great first step we took yesterday.

The morning session was a very personal look into my life and my drive to get this message out there.  I think some were a little shocked that I am the real deal.  You cannot sense the amount of energy it takes to do what I have done with this blog, the Academy, and now The Greatest Truth Never Told, from behind a computer.  Those that have joined the Silver Shield Report certainly have a better understanding listening to me discuss all of the issues we face.  At the end of the day there is nothing like meeting someone face to face to really get to know someone, and that is exactly what we did yesterday.

I think the highlight of the day was when we went around the room and got to know all of those that traveled far and wide to be there yesterday.  We had people fly in from Florida and people drive in from Iowa.  I don’t know if it was just me, but I felt like I knew each and everyone there in a short amount of time than many people who have been in my life for years.  When you share the same intellectual fire it is easy to understand them, because they are so much like you.  It was comforting and exciting to know that there are many out there like us that have this same desire to create something positive what must come.

I also saw that we had so many different personalities, talents and abilities in the room.  I a 100% confident that in our Sons of Liberty community that we have all of the techincal knowledge, skill and manpower to create our own liberty minded community.  That human capital will naturally be matched by the physical capital we have in our silver investments.  When you are in the room with people that resonate with you and are so willing to do such great things it takes a lot of the darkeness out of the future.

Yes, the future is going to be rough, but it won’t be awful for all of humanity and much less so for those that are aware and prepared.  I answered a lot of questions about the Ultimate Exit Strategy.  I explained that it was a plan for after this paradigm collapses and how to best use our time, energy and capital to positively move forward while the rest of humanity burns itself out on Anger, Bargaining, and Depression.  The vision I laid out very realistically lays out a path for us to create our own paradigm and eventually being an example for the rest of the world.

I am already looking forward to our next meeting after the Holidays.  I think another one in January in Ohio and then maybe Orlando in March or April.  I will have my new assistant (my wife) Dora look into this. 😉

I will have the full audio from the meeting up for the members of the Silver Shield Report tomorrow. If you have not joined yet you can join by clicking here.

If you are skeptical please check out the testimonials from those that have joined.  Silver Shield Report Testimonials.

8 comments to 1st Sons of Liberty Academy Meeting Wrap Up

  • Country Codger


    You guys sound just like a bunch of fishermen, “Oh, you should have been here yesterday, the fish were jumping in the boat. We were using the boat paddles like baseball bats to knock the fish back into the water.”

    Yeah, Yeah, Yeah. Rub it in. I’m jealous. I hope you all get a wart on the tip of your nose with three long hairs in it. Nghyeh!


    p.s. I really am jealous.

  • Susan S

    I just returned from the meeting in Cleveland and wanted to say thanks to Chris and his wife, Dora, for organizing and presenting a very informative meeting. Chris’s passion really shows through. He spoke for hours with no notes which in itself shows how deeply he believes in what he is saying along with an incredible knowledge on every topic.

    It was also wonderful connecting with people of “like minds” and convictions. I’m waiting to hear about the next meeting–even if it will be in Cleveland in January!! Try not to miss the next one

  • Howard

    Man I feel left out ….

  • Silver Shield

    Don’t be I will have the audio up in a little bit.

  • 4 Liberty

    While at the MTG was fortunate to have the company of Crunchyconmamma and Justin from Florida. My wife and I reflected during the long drive home and wished that we had a community at home like the group of people we met. Chis had commented on the need to mentor the younger generation like Justin and Jackson who were the youngest attendees at 20 and 31 ,only wish these young men were closer geographically so that we could have that pleasure. I know that there would be learning on both sides of a relationship with these guys. The room was filled with quality! It warmed our hearts to meet Chris and Dora and learn of the sacrifice, had work and conviction that created the academy. My wife attended and now understands the learning and shift in thinking that must happen to filter the fiction from reality in our declining society. However dark things can become there is always a beacon of light and hope that invigorates us to remain positive and focused . The meeting added to the illumination. Thanks Chris and Dora and all who made the journey.

  • Mustafa Cohen

    >> in Ohio and then maybe Orlando

    East Coast bias detected.

  • Crunchyconmama

    @ 4 Liberty — I enjoyed talking you both and with Justin before the meeting. I was glad to have met all of those who attended and I hope that even more folks can come to future meetings.

  • Sarcastic Mime

    I had never even been to the website before I went to the Cleveland meeting, and after hearing Chris speak, and getting to know a lot of the people who attended, I can tell you I will be following the site from here on out. I just wanted to let everyone know how good it was to meet all of you, and I hope to see you all again in a few months. I am very fortunate my wonderful wife dragged me out of my rut and brought me along. Many thanks to Chris and Dora for the time, talent and treasure they invest in this undertaking. Semper Fidelis!

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