Ron Paul Nails It! For Decades!

6 comments to Ron Paul Nails It! For Decades!

  • Annie Wade

    After viewing this I started fantasizing, what if “they” allowed Ron Paul to become President. Who could his running mate be?!? Then I thought, Ah, Rand Paul could be his VP…

  • Brandon Raub

    I love Ron Paul. Hahahaha!

  • rainmaker

    Whether or not Ron Paul gets elected, or even makes it through the primaries, does not matter as much as it is most important that the “awakening” support him and that he get a substantial amount of votes and support from the the people. Ron Paul is not just a candidate, but a representative spokesman for whats right and whats wrong in America. We will need him just as much, perhaps more, after the election, whether he is elected or not. God bless Ron Paul, the only veteran and honest man running for the highest office in America.

  • Anon

    Speaking as an englishman here in the UK we can only wish for someone of Ron Paul’s standing over here. It seems like he is supported not just by the people but by some very powerful people within the establishment as well, as you don’t get to where he is at the moment without the backing of some patriotic people in high places. He represents an idea, and as long as the idea gains momentum then it’s irrelevant who the frontman is. If we all think the same we’ll create a different future, collective consciousness is more powerful than guns and bombs.

  • thankful

    Oh man this gives me goosebumps! He is so right on so many things. The awakening has made me realize this and for the first time in my life I’m out of the left and right and into the truth. Amen Ron! God Bless and Protect you! May your example inspire the young to imitate you and fill us all with true hope, not the false hope of slogans and more of the same.

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