The Lessons Of Oakland

25-Oct-2011: Oakland police seriously wound Scott Olsen, a Marine who had survived 2 tours in Iraq defending the interests of those who shot him while he was exercising his constitutional right. The headshot was most likely intentional.

25-Oct-2011: Mayor of Oakland thanks the police for their great work: “We want to thank the police […] who worked over the last week to peacefully close the encampment.”

27-Oct-2011: In contrast, fellow veterans and civilians want Oakland police to be held accountable. The Justice Department has the power and responsibility to investigate state and local police violations of Americans’ constitutional rights. But they won’t use this power.

What does this tell me? Above all else, that the police are the State. They are the very force that the #OccupyWallStreet people want to right all wrongs in the world and to gently hum everyone’s nightly lullaby. How anyone can be so naive by the end of 2011 is beyond me. Here’s the train of thought:

  1. It is exactly now, when food inflation is knocking on the door of all the people whose unemployment benefits are running out, that the rulers need all protection they can get. It is exactly today that they have no, zero incentive to investigate or in any other way to disappoint their guard dogs.

  2. Letting the police get away with it will send the following signal to the lowest scum of the Earth:

    Join us, and we‘ll pay you to get your most psychopathic perversions satisfied.

  3. And it will only go downhill. Perverts and psychopaths will pour in to commit more and more atrocities against taxpayers—with immunity (see #1).

Sure, Oakland police chief can get one or two officers fined or suspended with pay. If the mob accepts this sacrifice and cools down, the circus will keep running for a while, as this will mean that an average Joe is still fast asleep, unable to understand the list above, and eager to vote for any set of porcelain teeth that says “I care about you”.

If the sacrifice does not work, the critical mass of awakened individuals is at hand. And so are interesting times.

6 comments to The Lessons Of Oakland

  • rainmaker

    @ Mustafa,

    Love your posts. I really enjoyed this article and was hoping for your perspective:

  • Futurecat

    Nail on the head. Peace to all

  • BlindersOff

    “a Marine who had survived 2 tours in Iraq defending the interests of those who shot him ”
    I think it is an important time to mention that these wars have nothing to do with our personal interests in the least, but rather they are the prime interests of of corporations, world domination elect, United Nations, and the coming New World Order…”if you don’t play by our rules as a country then we’ll scrub you off the map.”
    As a vet myself, I say this with respect. We have all been used, and now we are as easily renamed a threat on our home soil, as we were named a hero for serving the whims of the pathetic ‘elite’.

  • Mustafa Cohen

    @ rainmaker:

    Daily Bell:

    But the way to pare back [corporations’] influence is to go to the heart of the matter – the US’s corrupt judiciary and monetary system – not to create an unpredictable constitutional convention

    I wholeheartedly agree that a constitutional convention is not the way to go.

    What I don’t agree is naming judiciary and monetary systems the culprits.

    I am a regular human being. I am programmed to care about myself, my family and my immediate environment. Guess what, Congressmen and Secretaries are the same. They are not as advanced as Jesus or al-Hallaj, but the conclusion is never made:

    They are incapable of making a wise decision for 300,000,000 persons they never met. Not only because of their average mental capacity, but also because of the bribes and kickbacks that modify their own lives and the lives of their families.

    Consider pot legislation. You are an average congressman who never smoked it because it’s a “horrible gateway drug”. You are not a deep thinker, like Viswanathan Anand – the only thing you can see is what is placed in your hand. On the other hand, there are millions of theoretical people somewhere out there, whom you never met and hop to never meet, who claim that pot is healthier than alcohol and tobacco. Oh, and you are paid very real, not theoretical money to keep pot illegal. You are programmed to take care of yourself, not theoretical millions out there. What will you choose?

    OccupyWallStreet are expecting the decision makers to suddenly go against human nature. They demand that politicians change the number of hairs on their heads at will.

    The best case scenario for Occupy protests is they will fail quietly. The worst case is that they will fail violently, offering a pretext to tighten a few more screws and make the lives of regular citizens a bit more miserable.

    Their problem is that they can’t face the issue honestly. The issue is that politicians live in their own world, completely detached from the decisions they make. They can be petitioned and elected all you like – in the country this size, their world will stay isolated from the world of voters.


    Decision makers need to live among the people whose lives they regulate, by the rules they make. Their decisions need to affect their own lives. They will only be able to make community-level decisions if they live in a community. Their families should live in such close integration with other families that harming one will mean harming the other. Taking care of themselves must be indistinguishable from taking care of their constituents.

    I don’t believe this can be achieved in a country the size of the USA, USSR or China. They cannot be run peacefully. They only way to maintain any semblance of order in such monstrosities is by terror.

    The solution that #OWS are either too scared or too ignorant to imagine requires that they acknowledge the abusive nature of the US government monopoly. And there is only one way to solve the problem of an abusive monopoly.

  • twisted titan

    The only thing that Power has ever respected is Force.

    That is the whole of The Law.

    Make sure you have the abilty to administer Force when The Moment of Truth Comes

  • Spartacus

    Lenin would be so proud of what the Occupy groups have accomplished.

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