Watch This Video Of Fluoride in Water

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  • AgainstTheGrain

    I have been trying to convince my mother about the terrible effects of flouride. She adamintly beleives that it is essential in maintaining good dental health. I hope this video will finally be the one to convince her as it does not use any scare tactics. Great post, thanks!

  • howie trinh

    Can anyone tell me how to get the flouride outta my tap water ? Does a filter work ? Boil it ? Any advice much appreciated , thanks :)

  • Argentum

    @Howie – Boiling water will only increase the concentration of fluoride. You need to filter it. If you have a Berkey water filter, they make special filters for removing arsenic and fluoride. Also, check with your local water commission/group/committee. They should have a list of everything that’s in your local water supply. Not all municipalities add fluoride.

  • Mustafa Cohen

    …which is why my kids’ water passes through one of these.

  • Kevin Brown

    JASON brand Toothpaste is free of flouride all natural and tastes great.

  • Dude. You need to post some links that scientifically back what you are saying. This is a joke…I hope. This is about as bad as believing in AGW. Its American mythology. C’mon.


    To Jim who is requesting links…go to and also pick up the book “The Case Against Fluoride: How Hazardous Waste Ended Up In Our Drinking Water And Bad Science And Powerful Politics That Keep It There” Between these two sources you will find ALL THE SCIENTIFIC DATA backing up all these comments. Fluoride has been stealthfuly marketed. I have actually had the pleasure of meeting one of the authors of the above book (Paul Connett)as well as meeting William Hirzy a scientist that worked at the EPA who knows first hand how fluoride is a protected pollutant. I hope these sources give you all the data that you need to realize the damage that fluoride is doing to the people.


    To Howie….to answer your question on how to get fluoride out of your water…two ways…one with reverse osmosis, can be installed at your kitchen sink, and the other is through distillation. The fluoride ion is very small and these are the only two methods. Also be aware that since many municipalities add fluoride to the water, many processing plants use that water and it ends up in our food supply. Refer to to view list of foods and their fluoride content. Hope this helps…

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