Screw The Prius! Look At This…

Here is a car built from Hemp.

Here are cars that run on water.

When the dollar dies the Elite will lose control on suppressing sustainable technologies.

We can create our own paradigm where we have free energy, debt free money, tax free land and a community that embraces honest money and honest people. 

Our first meeting happened this past weekend and the audio will be up later today on how we create the intellectual foundation for that community.

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13 comments to Screw The Prius! Look At This…

  • Bob

    This makes my blood boil more than anything else, including the central banker bs. The powers that be have systematically been suppressing energy technologies since the beginning of the 20th century, and likely before that. If you’d like to see more details, check out this site, one of many: There are more than 5000 patents for energy that the govt. patent office has been sitting on for “national security” reasons. This nonsense must end.

  • Coppertop

    What happened to Nikola Tesla’s radiant energy black box? This hydrogen technology emits cleanly and is abundant but electric cars are much more efficient aren’t they? Electric cars don’t need all that fluid like petroleum lube for the powerplant, coolant, power steering, pipings etc and all these poisonous fluid leak all the time and add weight to a hydrogen car.

  • Chris, I have been researching this particular subject for many, many months. The production of Hydrogen or Hydroxy on demand is actually fairly inexpensive. The catch is producing enough volume to run an unmodified ICE with hydrogen. Some estimates place the requirement for a 4 Cyl engine around the 20 LPM range. Producing this much Hydroxy, even with the most efficient cells would require around 100 amps of electricity. A typical alternator produces around 85 amps to power all the internal components and re-charge the battery.

    Even so, I agree with you that once the market is fully free it will take less than 24 months to resolve the existing issues. Bold statement, true but, if you look at the rate of improvement in computer systems and internet technology (a true anarchistic community) you can see its not an exaggeration.

    His comment about it would take one day of war funding to provide this systems to everyone irks me. First, if someone has not dealt with the government on contracting and technology they have no idea how much of a dinosaur the government inertia is and how many barriers they naturally put in your way. Secondly, under no circumstances do you want the State to even know what you are doing until it hits the open market. Too many “fortunes” are tied to the OPEC cartel/Petro Dollar paradigm. Your life and mine are worthless to them when compared to the “common” good.

  • howie trinh

    Can u imagine how beautiful our planet cab b ? Assuming this is all for real it can usher in a new era for humans… Now there’s a future I wanna leave my kids !

  • Mustafa Cohen

    If we were living in capitalism, these vehicles would have been around for ages. I still can’t believe that a few hundred people around the world are determined to keep digging the grave for the whole of humankind.

  • Silver Shield

    I can’t believe that billions of people are willing to sacrifice themselves and their children for those few psychopaths.

  • howard

    chris i did a quick google search on bob lazar, the guy in the third video of this post, they say hes a fraud, does anyone else know anything about this bob lazar guy? if hes for real im sure the powers that b did everything to discredit him. im doing the best to follow my own path here… im in search of the truth…

  • Silverfox

    Hi to all, I was both astounded and provoked by this piece. Thank you SS. I am an inventor at heart. I am endlessly tinkering with what interest me. I have no claims to fame but I’m headed in that direction. I am going to research this and try to do my part. But my question is. . . What happened to all those inventions? ? ? What happened to all those inventors? ? ? Were they bought off by the Elite. . . Or were they eliminated? ? ?

  • trailhiker

    Much of this is all well and good, but in the last video why do we, as a society, accept that Washington gets to control what we do as FREE people, in determining our future. I personally know a man in my community that drives his vehichle on vegetable oil. The technology for this has been around but there are obviously not enough free persons willing to take a stand. It is sad that we are left with too many accepters and not enough do-ers. Myself included in that statement! Just like the declaration states, that sometimes free people must throw off the chains of government. To Howard: anyone who comes out directly against the gubmint is called a fraud or nut, it is the doctine we are all taught from the time we enter our “education”, follow the yellow brick road and you will be fine.

  • jim

    There is no way you can get more energy out than you put in. I believe the energy we get from oil is from the earth’s nuclear fusions and/or fissions itself. Vegetable oil would be great except there is not enough of it – and it still took much more energy to produce the vegetable oil than the vegetable oil releases in a car.

    I would LOVE for one of these videos one day show an energy balance equation where there is more work out than put in. Besides solar, nuclear, and wind… I haven’t seen it. I did see a man who could mix water and gas… but in reality, all that did was reduce the BTU content.

    Let your car build up hydrogen all day from solar from one video? May as well just use batteries which seems to be the direction the auto engineers are taking.

    I think every video I have seen, where people are burning water of some sort, has NEVER gotten the output greater than the input, or else they would have proved it.

  • Howard

    But since ur using solar power to do the conversion one could argue ur getting net positive for energy. Is this to obvious ? Or do I just not know what the hell I’m talking about ? Lol

  • Jim, you are missing half the equation. HHO advocates and users never claim overunity. The claim is that the potential energy in HHO comes from the recombination of the hydrogen and oxygen back into steam vapor. You only need a small amount of energy to break the molecular bond and can harvest many more times the energy produced by the chemical reaction of recombining the compounds. A good example of this is gasoline. a small spark causes a chemical reaction that breaks the hydrocarbons and causes the recombination into CO2 and other chemical compounds. You did not demand additional energy above the energy that you put in (the spark) yet did receive many times the energy spent. Similarly with HHO, you are not claiming that the small amount of electricity applied during electrolysis will be returned to you many times more when recombining. What we are saying is that it takes a very small amount of energy to break the bond and a very small amount of energy to trigger the reaction that will recombine that bond and that the energy you recover comes from that chemical reaction.

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