Silver Shield Report #3

In this paradigm, it is who you know.
The next paradigm, it is what you know.
In between, it is knowing that it is coming.

The more I focus my mind on doing something productive in the next paradigm the more excited and clearer it becomes.

Most of the prepper community is all about creating their own independent paradigm.
The cabin, the renewable power, the silver and gold money, the food…
This is obtainable on a personal level, we know that.

The big thing missing is the is the community.
I do not want to live in solitude, I just do not want any social predators in my life.
I love good people and good conversation.

Many religious groups have taken the individual prepper mentality and made a community.
The Mormons and Amish are an example of that.
The flaw there is that it is still a hierarchical society.
And some live a very poor existence. (Horse and buggy does not resonate with me.)

Really what this Ultimate Exit Strategy is about building a  community of individuals who can and will become free on their own…
To shun social predators that would destroy any community by limiting power they could wield in our society.
To create a decentralized, non Hierarchical society based on the rule of law and the Constitution.
To create a community that values property rights and honest money.
To create economic power to be able to live a higher quality of life to advance humanity through technology.
To fund the next generation of ideas that will free humanity and provide sustainable existence.

The combined power of people and capital focused on creating a paradigm where we can buy debt and tax free land, with debt free money, with renewable energy, that protects honest money and honest people, defended with a strong belief in the 2nd Amendment and the don’t tread on me mentality.

This is not an new idea.

I seem to remember a few guys pulling it off in 1776.
It just seems so foreign because of how far we have slipped.
Some of us know it can happen and we will just have to carry a torch and light the bonfire for all to see.

The following report is from our first Sons of Liberty Academy meeting.  This is a very personal look at my life.  I think it is very important for people to know who I am as we start to move forward building the intellectual foundation for this new paradigm.  This kind of information is not the kind of stuff I would or could share on the blog.  If feel there are a lot of great lessons in this meeting.

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0:00  Resonate- Finding that middle path to happiness.

7:34 You cannot change the outside world…- Why the Occupy Wall Street and the National Tea Party will fail.

9:07  My awakening- Understanding where I was.

10:55 Debt destroys everything-  How debt destroys humanity.

12:10 My first leap of faith- How listening to that small voice changed my life forever.

15:28  Listen to all-  How keeping an open mind will open more doors and how if everyone agrees with you, you need to pause and reflect.

17:14 Walking away from my paradigm- slowly at first.

20:30 You do not have to hit rock bottom to change your life- An awakening while you still have options is very powerful.  Being aware and prepared before the dollar collapse will be the most powerful awakening.

21:53 Resonate with special people, cut ties with those who don’t-  Luke Skywalker vs. Darth Vader

24:13 My bargaining phase- Because I woke up at the top I did not have a Anger Phase.  The amount of research in such a small period of time.

25:42 My frustration lead to the Academy- No one put the big picture together.

26:32 How logical thought can help you land on my feet over and over again.  The awakening centers on developing your logical thought. This will allow you to quickly adapt to a changing environment. Now I know why hiring people was so tough.

30:07 Laying out how the world really works. Logically look at the world.

31:34 Decentralized learning-  The beginning of listen to all,  follow none, walk your own path the best that you can.

33:39 Mental Fireworks- Becoming enlightened.

36:08 Who should we fear? Muslims or the government.

37:07 Truth is the spark of enlightenment- and humor…

39:00 The annoying stage of trying to wake up those in denial-

41:51 When you are aware… you wonder why the scheme doesn’t collapse immediately.

43:15 Who would start a bank in 2007?  My experience in observing life.

45:38 The power of your mind to be afraid. My Marine experience with fear of the unknown.

47:16 The horror story and the collapse of the dollar- When you are aware and prepared you will not waste years trying to come to terms with a new reality.

49:22 The newly minted Banker encounter- Did not end well.

51:21 The Shark vs Sharks- A look at my tank.

56:44 Choosing your world- Who you let in your life, is your life, choose wisely.

59:56 The Final Straw- 2008 it all comes together. How to overcome the worst in your life to make it the birth of something new.

1:03:30 A new life- A rough start.

1:08:00 Stop pushing for things that is not there.    Give up your wants and start listening to what is there.

1:14:30 What is my path? Finding purpose, providing value and resonating with you are.

1:18:47 Where do we go from here?










10 comments to Silver Shield Report #3

  • howie trinh

    good stuff chris, y did you stop the audio at “where do we go from here”? i love to hear more about where we go from here :)

  • Mustafa Cohen

    Yeah, talk about a cliff hanger. There are tons of important things to hear after 1:20:19!

    • Silver Shield

      @ Mustafa
      Always leave them wanting more…
      Actually that is all I could get done before I had to put on the Pirate costume and go trick or treating with the kids.

      As for the East coast bias… funds are tight and the crowds are small.

      Get me a group of 100 anywhere and I will come and talk.

  • Gareth

    Sounds like you guys had an interesting and entertaining evening. Really wish I could’ve been there. Maybe one day……..

    Good Luck

  • Silverf Surfer

    Wow! That blew me away! Very inspiring! Talk about laying all your cards on the table. When do we get to hear the rest?

  • Bigdad06

    Good info Chris, not something for the blog. I will be at the next one!

  • James Tetreault

    I can relate to a LOT of your story of your background. I didn’t speak to my parents for around 19 or 20 years. It was really the only way to deal with them. And, yeah, people I told that, especially women, were usually shocked, expecting, I think some sort of ongoing psychological trauma or something. But the opposite is true. I let it go. I’m happy. I don’t think about it and this is how things are fine.

  • nof

    WOW! Chris that is some powerful stuff. Your mom’s actions and your dad’s response. That is some strong conviction on your part. Karma

  • Christopher Smith

    Great insight and thanks for sharing with us. Worked on Ross Perot’s campaign back in the 90’s during college [might still have Ross for Boss T-Shirt in a box somewhere]. He was on to something…

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