Global Governance Weekly Roundup (Oct 24 – 30)

Global Governance Archive’s weekly news roundup and commentary on the worldwide process of integration.

Items of focus include:

  • the integration of continental blocs into regional unions as based on the European model.
  • the global integration of numerous institutions ranging from education and health to religion.
  • the advance toward totalitarian surveillance states and societies.
  • the unethical, unscientific and authoritarian lies of the Global Warming movement.
  • the increasing destruction and control of economic systems by the gods of money.
  • the geopolitical maneuvering between factions toward global government.

Regional Integration: Americas

The process of integrating the Americas according to the European Union model continues to move forward. These are the building blocks for global governance, which is less commonly known as world government.

Obama will hold the the annual North American Leaders’ Summit in Hawaii with Canadian and Mexican heads of state to discuss further North American integration. He will simultaneously be dealing with the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) forum, a parallel structure which also seeks to integrate nations into a supranational system.

By years end it is expected 150,000 commercial Mexican trucks will be traveling through the United States.

Globalist Chilean president says we live in a “globalized new world” and seeks integration via the Latin American Integration Association (ALADI).

Regional Integration: Asia

A Washington-backed “regional integration” plan is being formed for Central Asia and beyond, on the heels of Vladimir Putin’s call for a “Eurasian Union.”

SAARC is moving forward on South Asian integration, seeing it as unavoidable.

At the same time, India looks for closer regional integration with Japan and China.

The Esoteric & Occult

A purported connection to the Lucifer Publishing Company, which is aligned with the United Nations, has been made to some of the #Occupy Wall $treet actors. This is no surprise given last week’s note of how the United Nations is linked to the protestors via foundational support and the call for a “global democracy.”

As America has long left behind its Christian beginnings, witchcraft is set to become the nations third largest religion.

Instances of Satanic ritual abuse, worship and sacrifice continue to be reported, from babies sacrificed in Africa for monetary gain to ritual initiations.

Halloween, with its pagan roots going back to Beltane and Samhain, continues to degrade as reports of stranger and stranger behavior abound.

Calls for Global Governance aka Global Government

The Pope in a bid to unite world religions attended interreligious council.

He went on to call for a single global economic authority and a single global political authority. (Taking the Bible as a historical text that has been unaltered, as archaelogically proven by the Dead Sea Scrolls and the numerous copies of the New Testament which date back to the early centuries, it is prophesied that a single political authority will be erected by the devil at some point in the future. He who has ears, let him hear.)

At the same time, it has come out that the Catholic Church in Spain has been found to have stolen 300,000 babies over the past fifty years, lying to the mothers about the death of their children and selling them to wealither couples seeking to adopt.

Finally, the manuscript code of a secret society has been cracked which may reveal some possible roles of these groups in fomenting revolutions. This is echoed by the previous comment on Lucis Trust and #OWS.

The “Total Information Awareness” & Police State Grid

The United States, once the last bastion of freedom and now the spearhead of tyranny, continues to descend into third world police state hell.

New street lights are being rolled out which will be integrated with Homeland Security and contain: motion sensors, video surveillance and speaker systems.

The European Union is contemplating smart biometric borders to track entry/exit.

The Bilderbergist (Economist) reports that webcams will now be looking back at you!

It has been reported that RFID chip implants have been developed which can remotely kill users via cyanide injection.

In older but related news, the government will be trawling communications for signs of resentment and has introduced a “rogue websites” bill which would effectively silence dissent. A bill has also been passed which would arrest individuals who talk about issues which are legal in foreign lands yet illegal in the United States.

Finally, a Serbian activist is arrested for protesting his country’s spraying of chemtrails and introduction of GMOs.

Finance & War

An economic analyst sees the US dollar’s deadly endgame delayed only by the “supernormal” powers of the Federal Reserve.

Mexican billionaire notes how Congress has the desire to monetize silver with the only obstacle remaining being three or four central bankers.

Finally, the U.S. will be keeping a lower number of military in Iraq (not to mention the 60,000 mercenary soldiers) and shift the rest to other parts of the Gulf for its continued Project for a New Middle East.

And secret recordings of Donald Rumsfeld further demonstrate what the sane world already knows: that 9/11 was an inside job.

Editor: I’ll post this once or twice and see how it goes.

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  • Gareth

    The global elites are a bunch of cunts! It’s becoming crunch time, folks. Most should and will ‘walk away’, whilst a small minority will need to do what is necessary and cull the ‘elite’.

    Good Luck

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