Bloggers, Hackers and Whistleblowers: The Next American Revolution?

The movie Star Wars is one of my earliest and strongest memories as a child. The sounds were loud and the effects were amazing. The story about a band of rebels fighting against the seemingly unstoppable Empire was so exciting to me.  In the end, one man took a leap of faith and destroyed the Empire’s most feared weapon.  This story of fighting against all odds for a just cause has always been an inspiration to me.

Today we have rebellious bloggers, hackers, and whistleblowers fighting against the most powerful Empire the world has ever known. This battle is not fought with lasers and space ships, instead, with words and ideas.  The Empire is an Elite global group of banking, media, political and military powers that enslave the world’s population with debt, propaganda, false hope, and war. This quadrillion-dollar Empire has a fatal flaw much like the Death Star, it is an Empire built on secrecy and lies. One shot of truth can and will bring it all crashing down.

Secrecy is seductive. Those that have the secrets, have the power. It allows them to run wild since there is never a judgment day. They can commit crimes and are invigorated more with each successful heist. When secrecy prevails, men willing to do the most terrible things are promoted, because they are the most useful in that secret world. Good and honorable men are filtered out to other positions where their conscious can fool itself that it has nothing to feel guilty about.  When secrecy becomes systemic, a psychopath led secret world that seeks to dominate other countries, will eventually turn to dominate us. When there is no accountability, they become an emboldened parasite that will eventually kill the host. Truth and justice are the natural predators that keep this parasite in check. How can we have truth and justice if everything and everyone is a secret? The Elite get this concept and the average Americans does not.

Secrecy is used by the Elite to control us. We have much more to fear from the unchecked power of our government than any terrorist organization or the entire Chinese People’s Liberation Army. No foreign threat is as ominous to our way of life than our monstrous Government and the financial terrorists on Wall St. If we can never discover the truth, how can we correct the wrongs?

Secrecy is allowing a shadow government to grow stronger and less responsive to us. Secrecy is preventing reforms from ever happening. Secrecy is providing cover to the guilty that have destroyed our country. Secrecy will ultimately destroy our paradigm. I think it is amazing that not one person was even demoted for the security failure of 9/11.  Not one CEO on Wall St is in jail for the 2008 economic collapse. If Americans knew even half of the stuff we have done to other countries, there would be a Revolution by the morning.


Secrecy breeds corruption, arrogance, bloated budgets, illegal activity, power consolidation, and outright evil. The Elite wallow in secrecy because they know if they were exposed, they would be hung by sundown.  It is natural for hierarchical systems to have this kind of concentration of power and secrecy. This type of power is exactly what our founding fathers fought against. They created a system of checks and balances in a Constitutional Republic. Through the abusive world of secrecy, the Elite have done an end run around the Constitution and gutted America. If you want to know why America is a basket case right now, look no further to the amount of secrets we keep and the criminals they protect.

Secrecy does not equal security. Those in power will tell you that secrecy makes us safe.  In the dark of secrecy, evil flourishes, as rules are broken. I would contend that open flow of information makes us safer with the watchful eye of the public.  Look at the Unabomber case, for 12 years the FBI tried to catch him without any luck. After they published his manifesto, Ted Kaczynski’s brother solved the case with one phone call. Even during 9/11, if you believe the “official” story, because intelligence was compartmentalized, no one saw what was really going on.

Secrecy makes us less secure. If Americans do not know what is done in their name, how can they possibly understand why the world hates us so much? We are sold on the lie that we are spreading Democracy and free trade. The reality is that we are supporting repressive regimes and stealing wealth of the world. Much of the aggression against America is simply blow back from our secret war on the world. If the average America knew what we have done to Iran over the past 50 years, I bet very few people would be singing “bomb, bomb, bomb, Iran.”

When there is secrecy, it also allows the vast majority of Americans to passively accept the status quo. The truth is too scary for most people, so they build a world in their head filled with bald eagles and American pie. They don’t want to know the truth, because then they would have to do something about it. Americans were outraged at the torture techniques of the Vietnamese against American soldiers. Now through secrecy, we passively accept the much worse torture by American soldiers. Who are we if we accept this? Why should America continue to be, if we have turned to the dark side? (Watch and read JFK died for this speech.)

If there is no official report on something, 90% of America won’t believe it. If you waited for official reports, we never would have seen Abu Ghraib torture. Force yourself to look at these pictures. This was not done to get information. This masochistic abuse was done in our name, in secrecy, for “fun.” What is worse, by not exposing this world of black torture sites, we are feeding the beast. Mark my words, what is accepted now for the “war on terror” will one day be used here at home on us.

Those that expose secrets and lies, destroy the Elite’s power. The Constitution created a society where there was balance of power inside the federal government. There was also a balance of power between state and federal power. Finally there was freedom of press to balance all government power. The Elite have usurped the states power with federal control and run over the check and balance system with unlimited executive power. The Elite also consolidated the media into 5 or 6 corporations that spout the Elite’s agenda. Modern journalism is a corporate controlled and neutered dog. In short there is nothing to restrain the will of these Elite families in our institutions.

Bloggers like myself and hundreds of others are the front line in the Awakening war. Through our efforts, we seek to create a greater understanding of how our world really works. When people see through the lies they go through the 5 Stages of Awakening. Once people have made that journey they will never be fooled again by the Elite’s deceptions.

“The truth is like a viral infection that floods the mind and makes it intolerant of falsehood. Just as religion invades every thought process and gives a rebirth to newly-found reality, those awakened finally have a rock to build their foundation upon. No amount of doubt can ultimately sway those who are Aware of the truth. Those who remain unaware are tossed about by the waves of doubt, opinion, omission, obfuscation, and even outright deception. To be Awake is to be an intolerant fanatic, unswayed by the newest fraudulent “evidence” du jour.” -Zyll

This new media of the Internet is crushing the Elite’s controlled MSM. More and more people no longer accept what they are told. Just in the past month, I have had 100,000 visitors to the blog. That is a lot of people for a little blog like mine. There are a lot bigger fish out there that are making huge strides in changing the face of the world. Collectively and independently these bloggers are helping humanity unlearn the lies that we were brought up to believe. This is what keeps the Elite up at night and why they are trying desperately to regulate the Internet.

I took the blogger threat to the next level with the Sons of Liberty Academy. So often what is missing, even in the best work by the best bloggers, is the context or the complete picture needed for people to really “get it.” I spent 6 years putting together this Academy to replicate my own Awakening process. The Academy speeds people through the Awakening process in a formalized and intensive environment. The Sons of Liberty Academy is dedicated to creating the intellectual foundation to the next American Revolution, and possibly the world. We promote leaderless resistance. We promote really thinking for yourself and questioning authority. We promote restoration of the Constitution.  We promote non-violent, non-compliance. We are the bulwark in the fight to make America aware and prepared for a post-dollar world. The Academy is merely a foundation for a much bigger movement of Awakening.

It is one thing to be aware of history, economics and psychology; it is a quite another thing to know something that is meant to be a secret. Secrecy is the breeding ground for evil and corruption. In the dark, the power hungry thrive. The Elite cannot face the intense scrutiny of the public eye or final judgment for their actions.  The modern secrecy era began during the Cold War. What started as National Security against the Germans, Japanese, Russians and all other foreign countries, turned into inter-governmental agency power struggle. The secrecy world has ultimately grown into a firewall against American citizens after 9/11. The average American does not realize how large this secret empire has grown. Here the three security levels for secrecy inside the government.

  • Confidential(Level 1)
    • In addition to the RS checks, foreign employments, immediate relatives, and marriages/common-law relationships must be declared and be screened.
    • This level of clearance will grant the right to access designated and classified information up to Confidential level on a need-to-know basis. Department Head have the discretion to allow for an individual to access Secret level information without higher level clearance on a case-to-case basis.
  • Secret(Level 2)
    • Same as Confidential.
    • This level of clearance will grant the right to access designated and classified information up to Secret level on a need-to-know basis. Department Heads have the discretion to allow for an individual to access Top Secret-level information without higher-level clearance on a case-to-case basis.
  • Top Secret(Level 3)
    • In addition to the checks at the Secret level, foreign travels, assets, and character references must be given. Field check will also be conducted prior to granting the clearance.
    • This level of clearance will grant the right to access all designated and classified information on a need-to-know basis.

How many Americans would you guess have the nation’s highest Security clearance of Top Secret? Would it interest you to find out only 10,000 Americans have Top Secret clearance? How about 100,000 Americans having the highest level of secrecy? Would a 250,000 Top Secret clearances shock you? What if I were to tell you that 854,000 hold a Top Secret clearance? Well that is the number, according to exhaustive Washington Post article. Statistically you have a better chance meeting one of these James Bonds than the real James Bond, Daniel Craig. That is how big our secret government has grown.

The next group of Revolution is the Whistleblowers. Whistleblowers are people who have inside knowledge of corrupt dealing inside our institutions and spill the beans to the world. These men and women take great personal risk to expose this level of illegal activity. Wikileaks looked to be a great way to give cover to the whistle-blowers so they can keep their anonymity. I have been thoroughly disappointed with Wikileaks and have become very suspicious of this once bright idea. It has been months since Wikileaks said that they would release secret documents that would expose Bank of America corruption and nothing. I have had more than one article slamming Wikileaks as a CIA front of disinformation. I attacked Wikileaks for dumping schoolgirl chatter while the world rotten beneath our feet. I proclaimed…

Get me the owners of the Federal Reserve with their books and meetings…
Get me the planners of 9/11…
Get me Goldman plotting the housing bubble…
Get me Al Gore scheming to lie about Climate Change to make billions…
Get me AIPAC plot to control our government and people…
Get me proof of JP Morgan and HSBC with the CRIMEX silver fraud…
Get me the plan to frame China for our collapsing dollar and send our kids off to another concocted war for Wall St…
Get me Hollywood’s dirty little secrets of psychotic control…
Get me DC’s female and male prostitutes…
Get me the Clintons neck deep in murder and drugs…
Get me Obama’s Kenyan Birth certificate…
Get me proof of JFK was murdered by the same criminals who still lord over us…
Get me convictions on taking us to war with false intelligence…
Get me proof that our banks launder drug money…
Get me evidence the CIA imports all of the drugs…
Get me Alan Greenspan plans to destroy the dollar…
Get me Hank Paulson in jail for the $700 Billion Bankster Bailout…
Get me Michael Chertoff bankrupt for his TSA agenda…
Get me damaging info on the Rothschilds and Rockefellers…

Get me the root and not the fallen leaf.
Get me something to rock the world out of its slumber!

My hope is that someone will step up and become the world’s most dangerous man. They can drop an informational bomb on the world that will force our date with destiny. My hope is that OpenLeaks or some other group emerges to become a place where Whistleblowers can dump info safely. Frankly it can be as easy as sending the information to 50 different sites and media outlets. Release the secrets into the open and let justice be done though the heavens may fall.

I wrote an article last week called the Who Will Be The Most Dangerous Man in the World? In it I describe a man that can, in one shot, destroy the Empire of lies with truth. The most dangerous man in the world is in all of us. When you became aware that you are an unwilling accessory to this Elite Empire, you will reach a decision point. You can enter cognitive dissonance or join the fight. If you join the fight for freedom, you will be absolved of all of your “sins” committed prior to your awakening. You will become the “most dangerous man in the world” because you will no longer passively accept lies and become an active soldier of truth and resistance.

Mario Savio gave a thrilling speech in 1964 that encompasses the passion that we will see very soon from Wide Awake America.


“There’s a time when the operation of the machine becomes so odious—makes you so sick at heart—that you can’t take part. You can’t even passively take part. And you’ve got to put your bodies upon the gears and upon the wheels, upon the levers, upon all the apparatus, and you’ve got to make it stop. And you’ve got to indicate to the people who run it, to the people who own it that unless you’re free, the machine will be prevented from working at all.” -Mario Savio

Hackers like Anonymous are taking a much more different approach in this battle. This decentralized movement of cyber space rebels is taking the fight to the Elite in their secret world. Anonymous can shine a light where the Freedom Of Information Act will not go. I give these guys a ton of credit and wish that I had the skills to do what they are doing, but I just learned what a hyperlink was 2 years ago…  Anonymous is the real deal in my opinion because they are hacking at the root of power, the banking system. The correctly see through the false left-right paradigm. They understand that the .0001% Elite control our reality. They seek to end the Banking Cartel and they want to do it in a non-violent, non-compliant manner. Much respect Anonymous!


I have seen a lot of commentary about how Americans should take to the street and overthrow our enslaving system. I have seen political cartoons describing that American’s have become too fat, lazy and stupid to fight back or even get off their ass to fight. I would have to disagree with both to a certain respect simply because the music is still playing for America. What man is going to risk taking to the street with rage when they still are enjoying the the spoils of Empire? People are revolting right now by spreading awareness and getting out of the dollar while the music is still playing. The real Revolution will only happen when people are hit with the sudden reality of a new paradigm. When the dollar dies, you will see people take to the streets. The ones most dependent on the system, will riot and act in anger as they go through the 5 Stages of the Awakening. The rest of us will be far ahead of the curve and looking for opportunities to thrive while there is blood in the streets.

At one point, all Americans, enjoyed and even reveled in the spoils of our exceptionalism. If you think you have been innocent, think again, no one is entirely innocent. This is our “original American sin.” We believed in and lived the American Dream. Don’t believe the Larry Kudlows of the world that tell you American is great. The reality is that the current American dream is shameful and the sooner we face facts the better. The only thing that is great about America today is that we have the biggest, baddest mafia in the world. We control the world’s casino chips, (the dollar). We control the world’s drug, (oil). We have the most creative accountants (Wall St.) We have the world’s politicians in our back pockets. We have the best lawyers selling lies, (the Media oligarchy). We also have the most muscle on the street (MIC). The sooner we expose the criminals that run our paradigm, the better off the whole world will be.

One idea that gives me incredible hope for the future is that when the dollar collapses from its cancerous excesses, there will no longer be the funds available to support this secret world. Even more important, all those 854,000 with Top Secret clearance will finally see that what they were doing was really suppressing humanity for the benefit of the Elite. They were used to create unlimited profits and power for those that would enslave humanity. These unwitting conspirators will no longer believe the lie and be willing to expose the secrets that allowed the Elite to have this power. Those that once worked for the machine will destroy the very same machine, with truth. The political climate will change dramatically as great men step up to right the wrongs of the past. Legendary political careers will be made off of the prosecutions of the Elitist mafia systems of banking, media, politicians and the military.

We may not tip into another Dark Ages when the dollar collapses. My hope is that we have a new Renaissance where truth, ideas, and freedom are once again cherished and supported buy our society. Through this open era of ideas I believe that there is no problem we cannot overcome. We will be debt free and the New World Order will be shattered into a million pieces. A much more local and slower life will settle in after a tremendous crisis period. Maybe in that new world we can finally have our flying cars and hope for our children.

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  • spdrdr

    Chris, apologies for an immediate off-topic, but a warning is requisite for people who wish to install Internet Explorer 9.

    I have done so, and ended up uninstalling it tonight.

    It is really fast on upload, frame changes, etc. I would have loved it, except for (i) tabs basically morphing into a completely different concept, which seems to be launched from the “Start” menu, and (ii) the “Favourite’s Bar” absent entirely.

    It would be excellent for a web-surfer, but is completely disappointing for a “power” user who may wish to flick between a dozen or more sites.

    It is pleasingly fast – from the helm, it really feels better than twice as fast for page loads – but the tabs shortcoming is just an utterly disappointing issue.

  • Zyll

    I read somewhere that the fourth largest religion in the latest UK census was “Jedi”.

    Just as medieval popes interpreted the bible for the people and restricted literacy in Latin, so the elites control the flow of information. Just as Schools of Divinity consider it vital that their students learn to read Greek, Aramaic and Hebrew; so must we teach the world to understand the Constitution in its original language and context.
    Do you know what it means to issue writs?
    What is a Quorum?
    What is the difference between Duties, Imposts, and Excises?
    What is a Militia, and how does it differ from the military?
    What does “ex post facto” mean?
    What is the “Congrefs”?

    Just as Martin Luther discovered in reading the bible, you must also read our founding documents for yourself, gleaning insight and awareness and freedom from the shackles of the elite.

  • Kevin

    There is no hope for this nation. It consists of feminize feeble sheep (like you). Just give up and stop trying to make money from those that think they can stop it. Because you sheep think that women can do no wrong, you will lose, no matter what you try to do….

    • Silver Shield

      Is somebody cranky today or would you like to clarify your comments with some specifics?

  • Scale Of Justice

    Kevin, I’m sorry you have been neutered, but I still have mine. Patrick Henry said “Give me liberty or give me death.” Nathan Hale said “I regret that I have but ONE life to give for my country.” Justice shall be dealt to those who sow iniquity (says me).

    I’m sorry about your loss Kevin.

  • Kelly James

    this is an awesome article very informative! so sorry I’ve been so quiet…been mired in a couple personal difficulties. Better now :-)

  • Fifty Eleven

    “Leakers are people who have inside knowledge of corrupt dealing inside our institutions and spill the beans to the world.”

    Those are whistleblowers. Leakers are anonymous government officials who “leak” information that is often advantageous or beneficial to themselves or the government, and just as often false.

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