DTOM Twitter Account Suspended

Now our Twitter Account has been suspended…

@SilverShield76 is suspended and we were not given any warning or reason as of yet.  I set an email in to see what the deal was and I will let you know when I know.

I will just add this to the 1 YouTube Account that was banned and the 3 hacks…

AP Exclusive: CIA following Twitter and Facebook accounts

I wonder if Kim Kardashian has this many problems…

24 comments to DTOM Twitter Account Suspended

  • Kyle

    Your obviously having an effect Chris! Keep up the great work! I have been having e-mail problems with Yahoo which has forced me to open a new e-mail account with Fastmail.cn . The information war is heating up and we will keep fighting to wake people up!

  • Howard

    I wouldn’ mind being kims problem for a day 😀 lol

  • RealityChick

    Unfortunate news of the cancelled Twitter account, but even more unfortunate that you had to post the pic of a sex object?? Why the distraction? Not here to be distracted but to pay attention to why/how our rights are being abrogated daily and how we can exchange ideas on how to deal with it all. A little disappointed and now a bit confused… Can you just keep that stuff under your pillow? And now you’ve got Howard distracted! :)

  • Country Codger

    Just proves the old adage, “When piss people off they will do their best to piss on you.

    Keep pissing them off, Chris.


  • martz

    Well, she’s beautiful, and a little of beauty won’t bother.

  • martz

    Actually, we need knowledge, hope and beauty more than ever.

  • Ben

    I’m thinkin’ if you are….offended by/pissed off by/intimidated by/irritated by a picture of Kim Kardashian…you might have bigger problems to worry about in your life. Is Chris not allowed a joke or two now and than? Even if it’s a tabloid skank? It’s just a picture for pete’s sake. Woman-up and toughen up that skin. You are going to need it in the near future. Besides Mr. Duane is not here to monitor your educational needs. You are supposed to do that yourself.

  • lastmanstanding

    RC…If your sense of humor is that far gone there is no chance of you making it to the other side…Kim and the k-clan have no chance, but you do…be thankful for that.

  • RealityChick

    Calm down, gentlemen. No one is takin’ away your girlie pics – you can get this anywhere on the MSM sites which is why I said I found this “distracting” not that I was “offended by/pissed off by/intimidated by/irritated by” this. Can’t someone just say they find this out of character for this site? “Woman up” – that’s real nice, Ben. I only wish you and everyone well in the new paradigm to come.

  • Archangel

    Is it possible that Chris was illustrating the fact that morally corrupt individuals have free reign on the web, and profit enormously from it, while purveyors of truth are restricted and villianized? I believe this is a clear illustration that the masses’ moral comapass is way off. If I know anything about Chris, I know there is a reason behind everything he puts on this site. Any rational person will agree she is beautiful, and I won’t say I didn’t check out the picture repeatedly, but that wasn’t the point. Am I way off here?

  • Silver Shield


    Ding! Ding! Ding!

  • Brian

    She may be physically beautiful, however the vacuum between her ears and the garbage spewed by the clan utterly revolts me.

  • Challenger

    I do think Chris uses to many sexual connotations and expletives in his writings. Good writing does not require such things. If a point cannot be made without them, then the writer is lacking in ability and the inclusion of such are merely points of distraction, if not loss of some respect for the writer. If they are not included there is no risk of offending anyone.

  • Aurochs

    OMG…. let’s keep our eye on the ball people. This is about the loss of our First Amendment rights, it’s about our loss of liberty, AGAIN! It is not about an offhand ugly pic of some tv bimbo, yet that’s all we can focus on??? Jeez! What I want to know is; who owns twitter and who do they obey? I’ve never used it but how many of you are outraged enough to close your twitter account and never use them again and can we please add them to the “enemy’s of the nation” list? That’s the conversation I’d hoped to have here, not skank boobs.

  • lastmanstanding

    Challenger…there is NOTHING wrong with Chris writing. Many of us (SS included) have minds that work to solve problems every waking hour. (and lots of times in the middle of the night!) We have plan A, plan B, a backup plan, and several other ideas to support our beliefs.

    Apparently, words like…fuck, irritate you. Get over it.

    Sorry to find that your above most of us.

    Challenger, let me clue you in the politically correct manner that your accustomed to…when TSHTF, you may have to kill another human. One who is threatening you, a friend, or a family member.

    You or them…we’ll then see then how much you care about sexual con/expletives.

  • martz

    Yeah, who owns twitter and who do they obey, and hotmail/yahoo/fbook/google/reuters/cia/sheriffs of Pima County/tsa/fda/ctfc/sec/mfglobal/dexia/the government…
    Here’s an interesting list:
    What if the names of similar crowds were photoshopped on a KKardashian’s breast pic?

  • Challenger


    Yes, and I can even spell “you’re”, the contraction of “you are” which does not have the same meaning as the possessive adjective “your”.

    Maybe you don’t give a rip, but I personally do not want my wife, daughters or granddaughters reading material with that content and they would be quite offended if I presented it to them.

  • lastmanstanding

    Sorry, I had just put in a 12 hour work day…and you missed the point.

    My wife, daughter and grandkids do or will not care how the truth is presented since we live in and understand “the real world. Sometimes people are tired of being PC.

    If I have a run-on or fragment be sure to point it out.

  • Challenger

    No, I did not miss the point. There is nothing political about this, so PC is not an issue. Therefore, I’m sorry you miss the point. The degradation of how we communicate and treat each other is just another sorry aspect of the mire we are descending into. Are we to slowly revert back to animals? Civility is disappearing as civilization(if we really ever had any)continues to revert. How does one “not” live in the real world? Enough.

  • Alfred Newman

    Focus…Focus..keep your eye on the ball…

  • Ronnie O'Toole

    Amazing exchange of statements! We all seem to have some raw nerves here and when they get touched, WHAM, we spew back irrelevant information. TPTB have us figured out pretty well, Divide and Conquer thru any methods available. Happens right here with the Twitter account and an example of worthless hype. The C family pics and other worthless news creations keep almost everyone looking at the wrong issue. Spend your effort on exposing those that create the mind sucking entertainment which the masses take a a valuable use of their time.

    Way to go Chris, keep on exposing the slave makers! WE ARE THE CHANGE.

  • Tim

    The information at the Sons of Liberty Academy is great!
    But the vulgar language does hinder the dissemination of
    the info. I would very much like to promote the SOLA but
    I cannot send my friends and family here.

  • Challenger


    That is what I have been trying to get across. I am not here to hinder. I am here to help and not looking for an argument. The things Chris puts together need to be accessed across the broad spectrum of the population and therefore, it needs to be of the best quality. His writing must demand respect from all. There are so many I would like to send it to, but won’t unless he cleans up his act. I have promoted it to no one yet. If he has the education and background he says he has, I think he knows this.

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