Silver Shield Report #4- The Round Table Part 1

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Here we get to know the people in our group.  My biggest take away is that just in this small group of about 30 people we had the core of a sustainable community centered in on the same principles of freedom and honest money.  We had software developer, engineers, Constitutional lawyers, nurse, farmers, electricians, musicians, body builders, former military, Boomers, X’ers and a bunch of young Millennials full of life waiting for the right idea to spark their passions.  I hope you appreciate this discussion as much as I did.  (I do apologize for not being able to hear some of the people speaking, I will ask them to come up  to the mic next time.)


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0:00 Back from Lunch

1:58 Jeff- Software Developer

3:51- Stop trying to change the outside world, change yourself.

4:45- What Generational Wealth Really Is.

5:59- Galt’s Gulch-  We have the ability to create our paradigm.

7:13- Irving- Former Student.

8:21- A New Paradigm.

11:33- Gary from Iowa Drove 500 miles to get here.

12:50- The Insanity of $35 Silver.

14:32- Who Cares About Debates In This Paradigm?

16:03- How Much Silver Is Enough?  The Historically Significant Event.

17:15- The New Switzerland of North America.

18:52- How Movements Grow.

19:45- Raj-   Missionary from Mumbai.

22:22- Stop working with the Collective, work with individuals.

23:48- Jerry and Marie- Marine and Lyrical Nurse.

26:46- Words limit thought.

29:32- Resonate- How music and art will change significantly to change the world.

33:45- Janet- Property owner.

35:35- The Ultimate Exit Strategy is for the next paradigm. How America will split in two.

37:40- Susan- Lone voice trying to awaken others.

39:14- Joe- Constitution Loving Lawyer- Explains Glass-Stegall and Credit Default Swaps

45:25- How two people can create Hyperinflation.

48:58- How Constructive Debate strengthens out group.

51:08- The Power of the Shun.

52:26- Dave

53:38- Right direction wrong path.

56:01- Preparing In an Uncertain World.

57:45- Denise

1:00:53- Social predators are at every level of society.

1:02:34- Jackson- Steel worker

1:04:04- Is this really our purpose on Earth? Our generational role in this Revolution. Baby Boomers, Generation X and the Millennials.

1:12:00- Action is inaction

1:17:30- Randy

1:19:19- Firearm defends the individual from the collective. Don’t Tread On Me.

1:21:27- The most important preperation

1:25:32- The most important time of your life

1:27:10- Sean

1:32:00- We are told we are weak but we are strong.

1:37:07- Craig

1:41:11- My drive to be with the good guys

1:43:45 Elissa

1:47:35- Home Schooling and children

1:49:36- Ask Questions

1:51:29- The head start we have.

1:52:53- Christie- Craig’s supportive wife.

1:53:28- Supportive family

1:54:36- Joseph from Florida

1:57:30- Provide real, tangible value in the next paradigm.

2:00:00- The power of serendipity and emancipation.

2:02:24- Shoot the bear

I have part 2 coming, it is just a lot of audio to go through.










6 comments to Silver Shield Report #4- The Round Table Part 1

  • Robert Huntington

    The video download is working fine now. Thanks for whatever you did, Chris!


  • Deanna Freundlich

    Thanks Chris. Nice to hear from those who were able to attend your event. I wonder, to continue a dialog, have you considered a discussion board of some sort? I believe this would be a nice touch to your efforts to enable growing relationships amongst your members in addition to allowing all to learn from one another.

    I will always say I appreciate your foresight and devotion to your efforts. I look forward to working with you and all involved with this initiative.


  • fiatflatline

    If Deanna’s welcome thoughts about a discussion board are pursued, I would hope it would/could include those, like me, who live thousands of miles from Cleveland and really wanted to, but could not, attend his Oct. 29th meeting.

  • Twisted Titan 4040

    I like they way how he explains that 1000 ounces of Silver is more then what many kings held back in historic times. You can help but feel a amazing pride that you hold in your hands the power of royalty and control of your destiny

  • Evan Webb

    I wish I could hear what the others there are saying.

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