Silver Shield Report Testimonials

“I am looking forward to 12 more months of incredible valuable content at bargain prices.” -Eilev H.

“You guys are the best, leading a new front in the intellectual revolution!” Robert L.

“Chris’s work culminates and collates some of the most important information concerning our history and place in society for consideration, reflection and ultimately: positive action.” – Jonathan F.

“Chris Duane’s work in communicating, evidencing, and presenting a positive, empowering response to the coming social paradigm shift is among the most comprehensive, open-minded, inspiring, accessible, and visionary I’ve encountered in more than a decade of active involvement with this issue.” – Eric D.

Long time listener, first time subscriber. Chris’ stance on Bitcoin confirmed that he is not a product of the hype machine. Staying true and REAL to yourself and your loved ones is something I want to be a part of in the next paradigm. Matt K

“I follow guys like Casey, Turk, Schectman, Schiff, etc. etc. – the best of the best in my opinion, and after studying for a few years the demise of our social, moral and (linked) economy.
 I have cut many subscriptions over this time, but never yours.
I don’t often read your entire articles or watch your entire videos – they are too long and I also run a business.
I am fully invested in silver – physical.
I have come to believe that you are one of the deepest thinkers I have ever come across.
It applaud you for your intellect, insight, vision, thought and morality.”

I’ve been following Chris for a couple years now, and am now in agreement with his views (but question him daily;-) – Tod J

I am a US Navy Submariner serving on the USS Chicago in Guam. I began to search for answers to small issues which I saw at first made no sense. Outright lying and no one around me sensed anything wrong. It started with simple small items like others I serve with not wanting to help other people out, and since I have only started to see the truth, has spread to many people I serve with. Awakening is happening. The worst part is we are part of the debt and death paradigm being in the military, but I have already made my choice on that issue. There will be no outright violent protest, I will simply leave when my time is up, as will others. Thank you for opening my eyes just in part 1. Now we just have to work on enlighting people all around us to save them. “Revolution was effected before the war commenced. The Revolution was in the minds and hearts of the people . . . . This radical change in the principles, opinions, sentiments, and affections of the people was the real American Revolution.” John Adams, 1818    Sincerely, Kurt L.

“I’m an American who has been living throughout Europe since 2006.  I discovered Chris via his Sons of Liberty site and have been following him since.  Began stacking Feb 2011, so my patience has been tested/strengthened through this consolidation period, but the fundamentals do not lie!  I currently live in Budapest, Hungary with my beautiful wife who has also become a fellow stacker!” Sam S.

“Great stuff, yet again. I’m still in the process of listening to the archived reports and getting caught up, but so far they’ve all been made with the same skill and insight I’ve come to appreciate of your work Chris. The Silver Shield Report is an invaluable asset to any intellectual arsenal, I’ve learned more from you in a matter of months, then I had in the sum of my entire public and private education. Keep on keepin on.”  -Forman H.

“It’s great that you define the problem and now that we know it’s going to collapse lets focus on preserving and building a better world from the ashes.” -Jacob G.

“After reading  “The Greatest Truth Never Told”, I joined the Sons of Liberty Academy. It was here that I was awakened to our deceptive government, untruthful politicians and media brainwashing. I set out on a quest to discern truth and bought into Chris Duane’s philosophies over people such as Alex Jones, who is angry and irrational and has his own agenda. Chris comes across as truthful, rational and intelligent. He really seems to have a passion for people to become there best self. I feel I have found that here. I would like to further become indoctrinated into learning how to create generational wealth for my family for future generations to come. The coins are amazing and unique. I am fascinated by their message and beauty. I look forward to joining a community of like-minded believers and to learn from them.  I want to learn all I can so I can effectively reach out to others and wake them up to this new paradigm shift to come. Thank you for the message, the coins and the
positive influence you have made on me. Listen to all. Follow none.”  -Brandon N.

Love your info/ videos and perspective!
I’ve been a long time viewer / reader of your work, we have been and are and will always be on the same page!
I watch all your videos and listen to all your interviews on sites, mostly Sean @ Sgt Report which is my favorite daily news site.
I have woken as many people up to the true reality as I can and directed
them to your and Sgt’s sites.
shown your coins
Most people I have shown your coins have went on to buy them.
We have gone all in with your newly minted coins, together as a family we have recently purchased a rather large quantity of your D&D, Trivium, SQ and Freedom girl coins and proofs.
We see these are selling fora premium on ebay, which is testament to their exclusive popularity!!
We have no plans of selling any of our coins regardless of the price being paid.
We will sit on ours we recognize the true value of these unique limited mintage coins designed to destroy the fiat paradigm!

I’ve been following Chris’s work for a while now and know that he is onto something unique and refreshing in so many ways. I would like to be surrounded with individuals of his stature before, during and after the coming full-blown dollar collapse. Keep up the great work!– Paul M.

“Chris Duane has inspired me to take the time to educate myself and prepare to walk away from enslavement. Looking forward to The Silver Shield reports! His Sons Of Liberty Academy woke me up and gave me the information (all in one place) that allows me to focus on truth.” Robert M.

“What a tremendous endeavor you’ve taken on and made your own.  Keep the catalysis of ideas alive.”  BZ  Bill

“Discovering Chris Duane and his series the Greatest Truth Never Told as well as the Silver Bullet Silver Shield remains one of the most life changing moments.  Thank you for allowing me to see the truth of the world.” -Raymond H.

“This information you’ve gathered is mind blowing.   My marriage was wearing thin- I had such difficulty explaining how the politics and economy is completely corrupt, making my depression stage even worse.  But then I started watching these videos together WITH my wife- what a relief it’s been being able to get her up to speed with reality.  Having a supportive wife is such a relief when she understands why I’m working on various self reliance projects.  I’m extremely grateful for the great body of work you have provided for everyone!  This might be my main tool to educate close friends and family.”  Jason E.

“I’ve reached the acceptance stage on my own and at times it can be difficult to avoid getting overwhelmed and reverting back to a little sadness just from thinking about what could happen to people who are not prepared.  I’m hardened to Austrian economic principles, but I still have empathy for strangers.  I’ve looked into prepping groups.  In fact, I plan to meet with some very practical and friendly folks this weekend.  But the one thing about many prepping communities that turns me off is that many are somehow still stuck in the political two-party paradigm.  They say things like “the national debt is dangerous and will contribute to catastrophic collapse” and I agree.  But then they say things like “If only Mitt Romney were in office he would balance the budget, and everyone would have jobs because we’d go to war against Iran and an entire religion” and I just sigh with disappointment.  My girlfriend is not on board.  My parents out of town are not on board.  I would like to join the Silver Shield Group very much for my own personal benefit of networking with like-minded individuals, and for further education and discussion.  But I also hope to show others who are close to me, another side of community and liberty.”  Gregory I.

I have been awakened by your good self Chris. I have been stacking  silver bullion for almost three years now.   I have purchased your first two coins  (debt and death and trivium) as an international order. My stack is not large but I buy at every opportunity I can.  After my education with the GTNT I have had my awakening and am eternally grateful to you for all your hard work. I always knew there was something wrong with the world but could never figure it out! I certainly have had my shift to legitimate reality. I wish to belong to a group of like minded individuals that seek the truth and respect humanity.  I for the life of me can not understand why these monsters can be so evil. Once again Chris I thank you sincerely for my education and awakening.  Very Best Regards.  -Michael F

“I am writing you because ever since joining the SSG it has been such a beacon of light and hope among all of the fear.  I’ll admit I am still working on finishing SOLA, but I will have it done soon. If you ever are in doubt of what you are doing.  Know that you are the beacon of light and inspiration for many. You are teaching all of us to be Gandhi, Jesus, Martin Luther King, Jr. and collectively change our consciousness.

I aspire to learn as much as you do and to be able to help people get through the stages quickly once they come to me. Thank you again for setting the example as to how to walk the path of peace like many before us.”

Rich O

I am excited to explore the realistic possibilities of the coming paradigm, Mr. Duane is quite creative and positive with a broad view. Instead of a pit of disgust in my gut over the current slime gumming up the gears of human progress, I choose to focus on how my young son can have a powerful life and an asset base to protect and promote his interests, therefore i am on a strict  ‘silver’ diet. Currently, I am gorging on the amazing designs and await the new releases. C.S. san diego

“No one has managed to pull the whole story together in an understandable way that makes sense before…until now Thanks!” -Mark M

“My awakening began about 15 months ago.  I have studied nearly every guru that demonstrates clarity on what lies ahead for our economic future.   I have yet to see anyone, from Wiedemer to Casey to Stansberry to Dillard, with the clarity of vision for our future when compared to Chris.   That is not a knock on the others, I have learned much from their work and insight.  That said, Chris is on another level and I am honored to be part of his strategic community.  My confidence in our planning grows daily as I resonate with Mr. Duane’s concrete and productive ideas.” –  Aaron K.

“I have never seen such a well-researched, thoroughly-analyzed, and logically-presented thesis as the Greatest Truth Never Told and the Silver Bullet Silver Shield.  I am truly looking forward to getting involved with the Silver Shield Report and participating in the community, connecting with other like-minded people as we move into the next stages of the awakening.” -Bart M.

“I read a fair amount so I think I understand just how precarious our situation is.  Chris is the only source that is talking about a positive way to get through this, and that really leads to a positive frame of mind, which is much needed right now.” – Wayne M.

“I started as a mild silver bull in ’99, scanning the web and starving for the rare articles, going weeks, sometimes months without new information. Info has gradually increased in quantity and intensity, culminating with the Silver Shield Report. I now starve only for time to digest the wealth of knowledge at hand!” – Jerry R.

“I have finished the Sons of Liberty Academy and I can honestly say that I will never see the world in the same same light again.  Never have I had such an interest in politics, history, philosophy, and economics as I do now for the simple reason that I can see how it all applies to me.  I have always studied science and physiology due to the nature of my profession and did not consider much else relevant.  This academy has begun what I know will be a life long journey and I am truly grateful for the work Chris has done with this project.  It has truly inspired me to say the least.”  Sebastian C.

I have followed Chris’s work and information for roughly 1.5 years now.
Although there certainly are some good information sources on the internet
that provides an accurate picture on specific problem areas in society worldwide
there is in my humble opinion none except Chris’s websites that actually discusses
practical ways for solutions to the problems.

In addition, Chris covers essentially all important societal areas and gives a
comprehensive overall picture as compared to isolated areas that other websites provide.
I have studied the video series from Sons of Liberty Academy once, and am preparing
to repeat the whole series to consolidate concepts, terminology and techniques
used by TPTB to keep humanity in a state of ignorance.

It certainly was a process to go through the video series. Much mental work
has been needed in identifying my own fears that sometimes were hidden within me and then face them.
It took courage, and caused anger and frustration at first, but in the end I now feel happier,
focused and found a truly meaningful cause for the first time in a long time.

My hope is to be able to contribute with my experiences and specific knowledge and in that
way give back to Chris and all members who have given me this the best of gifts; that of knowledge
and awareness. Thank you so much for all your hard work and commitment to make this world
a much better place in which to live. /Robert

“I’ve been watching the SOLA and have been receiving your news letters for some time now. I have thoroughly enjoyed all of the content to date. I enjoy even more the fact that I am forever changed, because now I am aware. I want to learn to be more aware and pass those teachings along to my family and friends. I want to prosper and thrive in life on the other side. I do not want to fall victim to the tyrants that rule this country. With the help of SOLA and the news letters I plan to achieve the above and I thank you for what you are doing here Chris.” -Ken R.

“I’ve been reading Chris’ newsletter on the SBSS and greatest truth for about a year now, and also went through the
sons of liberty academy. About two years ago I got a rude awakening from listening to an outraged Alex Jones on his radio show, but my true awakening has come gradually from Chris’ work. There is to my knowledge no deep information out there that focuses on a solution except from here. Sure, some places mention silver as one part of a solution, which is important, but not much more than that. Chris offers a full historical background, techniques used by TPTB to keep us in fear and ignorance and how to counter them and most important how to start now to create an alternative society.

Thank you Chris for all your hard work and dedication. Your information is a true gift and it made me see through all the lies that we are constantly bombarded with, and instead focus on ways to move us all forward to a better world.
My task now is to find ways to make the people in my own country Sweden where 99% is still in deep sleep to see this message of truth. It will be a challenge for sure, but I will take it one step at a time.” – Robert L.

“Three years ago while searching for the truth I found DTOM, here I came across some eye opening information and confirmation of the same wrongs that I’ve been finding on my own. To save myself some time while searching for the truth and answers to my questions this is one of the few websites that I visit to keep up with going on in the world. It is a real eye opener and one of the very few that offers a very inspirational and non-violent way of dealing with the problems we all face.” -Walter b.

“By laying it all out, Chris, I feel you’ve done us a great service. I thought I was getting somewhere in my career, but once I reached where I wanted to be I saw so much around us lacking, wrong, in need of repair or remake and I had nagging suspicion it was a breath away from crumbling. Yet I couldn’t identify it, let alone begin to figure out what can be done. I had no idea the potential magnitude of the problem, nor was I aware of its ugly roots. You’ve given me the identity of the thing, presented a theory about how we got here that rings true–thus, the knowledge to avoid a repeat!–*and* a way through the difficulties we may soon face. Put simply, this is dense and highly nutritious knowledge. You have my gratitude, sir, and I look forward to my future interactions with you and this cohort of forward thinkers.”  Barry W.

Hello Mr. Duane and Team:

I am a new subscriber (one week ago) to the Silver Shield Report.  I must say I absolutely love the content!  It is guiding my vision and bringing clarity to some struggles I was having in letting go of the soon to be past paradigm.  Things I have struggled with for years…honestly.

My testimonial was posted on the home page today (the Aaron K. quote) and I could not be more sincere in my statement.  Mr. Kiyosaki woke me up way back in 2004…enabled me to see there was much going on that I would never be able to see with my eyes, nor would I ever hear about if I continued to listen to the loudest voices.  Since then I have studied everyone under the sun.  Developing financial intelligence has changed my life for the better and allowed me to stack a lot more silver over the past few years than I ever would have otherwise…if I would have stacked any at all.  That said, the day to day world I have created and enjoyed for family was still ultimately created in our current paradigm.  So, I have known for some time now through the help of mentors (Kiyosaki, Wiedemer, Casey, Stansberry, Maloney, et al) that I had to learn to envision a new kind of fulfillment and way of life in the coming new paradigm.

The hurdle I have had in my ability to envision this new way of life seemed to occur as the result of the other mentors I studied voraciously often lacking detailed clarity in their exit strategy post paradigm.  You get the end of the book or the article and it’s like, “Okay, what do now after I have done all of this preparing…what happens after it happens.  You had 500 pages on why it happened and how to prepare, but after happens…you give me a half a page on that to close your book/article.”  Mr. Duane has added this missing ingredient.!  Hallelujah!  I can now see myself and my family and what we are doing post paradigm.  It is been liberating…and that’s in one week…can’t wait to see how clear it becomes with six months of absorbing and re-absorbing all of the content you make available.

Thank you for the great work and please know people like myself that are constantly looking for answers appreciate your insight tremendously.  I look forward to involving myself and my talents in whatever way would be valuable to you as you grow your community.   

Aaron K.

The Silver Shield is doing real next level thinking, way beyond the effects of an inevitable fiat financial system collapse. At a time when most “preppers” are stuck in the whole shtf/wrol/teotwawki post-collapse near term, while no doubt important for sheer survival, it is difficult to find forward thinkers with whom to plan for what comes after. The Silver Shield is cogent, well thought out, and at its heart is LIBERTY! I want to join this team, and trust that my skills and resources will also add value to the team in return. -John P.

I have been following Chris Duane for the past 6 months.  I appreciate everything he has sacrificed to bring education to people who care about the U.S. and want be responsible for themselves and to prepare.

Thank you,

“Chris, you have awoken in me something that was always there but I wish I could have let out earlier…the information you have presented me has allowed me to acquire a buffer for my family that I cannot thank you enough for.  As I am probably one of the poorest members of the group, my means are limited but the information and the support of the Silver Shield Group has given me renewed strength to  fight harder than ever for my family. Thank Your from the bottom of my heart Chris and I truly believe that in the new paridigm we will be historically significant….the knowledge and collective skills of our group can defeat any obstacle….we are the future!” Justin D.

Chris, The efforts you have made while dealing with your own awakening are something I marvel at. I’ve always been productive and successful in my own career and have been involved in local politics, etc. In the end; when you realize the country is truly captured; living well and without their chains is the very best example and message you can convey. Further, extracting yourself from their monetary bondage and helping others to begin the process is far more worthy than hacking away from within their rigged paradigm. Thank you, and I want you to know I am extremely conservative in where I communicate on line; but feel compelled to support your efforts. Thank you for everything you have done, as I look forward to the future more now than I have in many years. Perhaps I will engage more directly with you and the effort as I conclude my own transition, family preps, etc. I hope you are truly proud of your efforts! – Mark L.


I hope you get this. I just want to let you know a couple things quickly. When a person has absolute passion for an idea (no matter what it is….fundamentally wrong or right) but are willing to devote their entire life to it…that is POWER. I honestly thought you were bat shit crazy when I first saw your videos…and every fiber of my being still wants to. With that being said…either you are ONE HELL of a salesman (and I am envious of that until the day I die) or…you are right,

In my head I am trying to convince myself I am not crazy for believing you…but in my heart I know I am not. You are right in every sense of the word. I commend you and want topersonally thank you Chris. There are few people in this world who are as real as you…you are a leader, a role model, and a visionary.  I want to create generational wealth for myself and my family…and I believe you are the one to help with that…  -T.J.

I graciously would like to thank you so much for allowing me to join the Silver Shield.  I highly admire you and all of your work and our passion.  I so look forward to being an active member.  Thank you once again.  God bless you and your family.- Doris G.

You are right about what is coming.  I have been hesitant to join because what I have perceived as your exclusion of God from your plans.  Much of what you say sounds “newa ge-ish” ; picking and chosing pieced and parts from many religions.  (I ma somewhat fanatical in my Christian faith, without beating people over the head with it.  I think, you are really the same; having been burnt out by disingenuous mainstream denominations  (e.g. for me, Roman Catholic BS).  Yet, I see you really listening and acting on what the Bible speaks about…listening to the still small voice of God, within you!!  So matching these two ideas about what is happening and will nearly certainly be coming with God as your source, I am willing to take this leap of faith, at leaqst for so long as a dollar buys anything at all, and I have a few of them around at the end of the month.  CHEERS! -David D.

I joined very recently and am kind of overwhelmed with all the information and videos.  I was “awakened” almost two years ago, but the info on the this site is awesome. -Tig

I helped my folks stockpile constitutional silver in the ’60 and began purchasing gold at $256. Past co-workers, acqaintences, and even friends and family made fun, but now I have tangibles and they have paper. I have long felt the desire to step away, but found little to step away into, and when I turned off the doom and gloom screamers like Alex Jones, I found little to fill the news void. I appreciate most of what you say and look forward to growing with a community of like-minded individuals. -Sue P.

Chris………. thank you very much.
And you are leaving far more than bread crumbs…
For me.. and for my wife.. this is a matter of not only the well being of our souls… but also the well being of our lives.
I have read/listened to much of your postings.
They have helped very very much.
I’m not only ready  to move to the next step… I find it both necessary for me and I am ready to help others.
Whatever your spiritual beliefs… bless you for this.. and bless your for helping me and allowing me to join in this next phase.
I promise that I will do my very best to help others that I meet.
My request is only somewhat selfish… I really want to take the next step and help not only myself and my wife… but others also.
thank you very much..
And also… Peace to you and your family…  -Wayne M.

YASOU RE KRISTARA MERAKLI !!! My name is Dimitris. I am 25,
and I live in New Hampshire. In 2010 I asked myself the question,
where does money come from? And since then I have been teaching myself
about economics and how the world really works. In the process of
doing so I came across your videos on youtube. They put the pieces of
the puzzle I was missing together. It was nice to hear some one else
think, feel, and say the things I was thinking, feeling, and saying.
Thank you very much for sharing your wisdom. My tea cup always has
room! I would like to ask you some questions, but I know your a busy
man. I hope you can keep in touch. Efxaristo para poli, ke o Theos na
evlogisi esena ke tin ikogenia sou.

In all seriousness – thank you for what you are doing. I have gone through the Sons of Liberty Academy – Truly eye opening and life changing – just as you said. Your time, effort, quotes, and display of information absolutely resonates with me and many I have spoken with. So thanks for all you have done.” Ben W.


I just finished the SOLA and it blew my mind! I did learn a lot about American history thanks this too, as I am Canadian and this isn’t something we get taught up here.  As I worked my through the SOLA I found myself wondering how much of this information I’d retain.  I feel I’ve gotten a great over view of so much and I plan on going through it all again in about a years time.  There was quite a few times I found that anger would build in me as I learned what the elite have done through out history and what they are currently doing.  In fully plan to leave the army as my occupation. 

I no longer want be apart of the strong arm of the elite to fight their wars for them.  I find it strange that I actually looked at the people over seas when I was in Afghanistan as different then “us”.  When I was there I did question myself as to why they were different, as I always saw how the children were still children, but were just under privileged and in poverty.  It turns out that they were only different because we were lead to believe they were different.  If I was an Afghani I would likely resist the occupation of my country too, as I would resist an occupation of Canada

You have helped open my eyes to a lot.  I had a moment of success  today as I spoke with my youngest sister and my mother about why I have been purchasing silver, I got into the details of unsustainable debt, the crash of currencies, and how I believe conditions mirroring the  great depression will be here.  Now I didn’t dump it on them all at once, as the had known for some time that  I had been buying silver, but they finally got curious enough to hear me out for a bit and they have decided to start buying small amounts of silver.  My plan now is to get my prepping done and get out of military service.  There so much I could talk about but I’m gonna wrap this up. 

I look forward to sharing your work with others.  I got your work via torrent from a link posted on your don’t tread on me web page a while back.  Downloading this was one of the best choices I made, and then watching it all was a better choice.  Things are much more clear now and everything seems to make far more sense.  

God bless you Chris.

 I just want to say thank you for everything you have done.

It seems like an eternity ago when my life fell totally apart in about 6 months time.
The loss of my 4 year old little girl.
A foreclosure on not just a house but my home,
The end of a 13 year marriage to the love of my life,
She put my dog to sleep!
Downsized out of my job and off an apprenticeship from Rouge Steel by the new Russian owners…

And then I awoke.

You posted your 1st video about a week after I started seeking the truth.
I have been a fan and a subscriber ever since.
Your videos are always one of many highlights in my daily you-tubing.
I have downloaded each and every one and have tried to share with anyone who will listen.
…And even some who wouldn’t…

Your 15 reasons to buy silver video was exactly what I needed to convince my retired parents to finally take the control of their $ away from the corrupt apathetic system and become truly independent.
Like I, They now can hold their wealth in their own hands.
Together on their 20 acre estate we have built a barn, Cleared a field, Planted a huge garden.
We are building an aquaponic green house to raise food and fish year round.
Plans are in the works to go “off the grids” from the utility Co’s, An outdoor wood gasification boiler will provide free heat and hot water here in the cold of Michigan for the house the barn and the green house… Maybe run a stem turbine generator. Half of our land is woods 1/2 pine 1/2 old growth hardwoods.
The last 1/4 is a pond which we plan on dredging deeper to hold more fish and use the muck in the fields.
We’ve put in another well with a hand pump and I just bought a windmill I plan on using to generate compressed air for the fish and maybe some electricity.
Next spring livestock…
Chickens, turkeys, a cow or two ,some sheep, goats…
Maybe a bacon machine…MmmmMmm bacon.
On top of the precious metals quickly piling up…
We are shooting for a ton!
The best investment we’ve made was another kinda precious metal…
A 1998 Ford 2120 tractor and a dozen all new American made implements to work the land.

I’m sitting here in the loft of the barn writing all this and here now realize how blessed I am.
I hope someday to be able to bless and help other as this world falls apart, I watch my friends and other loved ones struggle to hold onto their current dictated realities,
Knowing that when they decide to let go and to create their own, It will be better.

I count you among my teachers,
The wise few I have found whom seek and teach Truth.
I hope to help spread this wisdom and to be the change I want to see in this life.
When I finish here I will be ordering a medallion.
I plan on mounting a chain and wearing it to remind me of the truths I hold dear in my heart.
I can not thank you enough and am honored to contribute to your work with whatever I pay over spot… teeheehee

Your fellow student of Truth

Brett J. N

Hi, Chris!

My name is Nemanja and I’m from Serbia. For the last few months I have been watching and reading every piece of info from you that I could get my hands on (and spreading the word about it around). I feel that now is the time to go to the next step – real action! I already began stacking silver (from abroad, because there is NO market of gold or silver bullion in Serbia, it’s even illegal to trade with those). I wish to join your SILVER SHIELD REPORT and be a part of the “intellectual foundation for the next paradigm”. I began my own research 4 years ago, so I’m way past denial, probably somewhere in the depression stage, trying to go pass it.

I think that you are a true hero.

I wish you all the best: health, joy, love and success.

Nemanja K

Everything Chris has talked about and shared has changed my entire view of the world especially when it comes to finances. I feel more confident and prepared for things that may come and the message he promotes resonates within me. Thank you for all the knowledge you’ve shared with all of us.- Miki L.

Clearly your compelling evidence should lead any reasonable person to conclude that there is a world wide fraud and suppression program aimed at the one of the truest forms of money ever used:  silver.  

Thank you for helping me see and, more importantly, articulate, my reasons for putting great resources into silver and out of the fiat , phony, fraudulent system that is collapsing as I type this message. -Robert C.

I began awaking in April 2010 after listening to some educational audiobooks my parents was also listening too. Although it seems like my parents never took the information they now know the next level, i however did. First it was Anthony Robbins, i followed a bit of what he was saying and even started getting into mutual funds. Then i was hearing my mom listening this program, and at the end of it, they announced some referrals and recommended its listeners to some other people that was offering financial education, and one of the names that popped up was Robert Kiyosaki. Kiyosaki answered many questions i always wanted to know, and i continue to follow his works to this day. His works lead me to listen to other great people and finding people that made sense and answered what i wanted to know. I remember that month and year well because i called it my date of awaking. Ever since then and continuous to this date and forever i always enjoy to knowing more especially in financial and personal development.

I began to listen to Chris Duane sometime early 2012 and after watching a couple of the videos of SBSS i knew this guy has a collection of wisdom. I now consider his works as personal and financial development guidance.

I want to continue to learn and know more. Thanks for sharing the information you have collected, and I look forward to communicating with and open my ears for like minded people.
D. Laird

Great, start Chris- I’m a former deep sea diver, real estate investor and developer with an MBA, and now accidental litigator after our $3M business was wiped out literally overnight by hurricane Katrina. Now that I “woke up” a few years ago I  sue crooked attorneys, banks and expose judicial corruption and share with others how to do the same. Keep providing value to people and the free market will respond accordingly. There is strength in numbers. Todd, Maryland

You have opened up my eyes to so many different things Chris and what you have said has resonated with me on a spiritual level, i find myself in tears sometimes listening to the information presented in your videos, i think because deep down i know it is the truth, the truth that i have been searching for my entire life.  The shiver up your spine feeling i get are so intense it leaves me in tears. I have always known that I would be part of something special in my future, I thought perhaps that it would be my teaching of my children, i have a vast knowledge of many subjects from medicine to carpentry, from herbs to astronomy etc…i wanted to be a teacher but after my own personal paradigm shift ive known that humanity is on a crash course with its own suicide.  I want my children to have a future so I must do something to not only protect them but to ensure that their future is not filled with death (and debt).  No one in my family, my community or my group of friends save 2
have any idea of what is comming and i cannot waste anymore time trying to wake anyone else up.  My children deserve a better future as do your children as do everyones children, that is my mission now and i may stumble and even fall down but finding a group of likeminded people like the Silver Shield Group will benefit me and everyone else in the group as it should. So I thank you from the bottom of my heart which is healing from all the poisons of our industrial world, thank you so much Chris for what you have done for me and my family.  I look forward to putting all of my energy and talents into the group and our new paradigm. -Justin D

We would first take this opportunity to say with a deeply felt heart of gratitude “Thank you” for you hours of labor on the SBSS series. We have not missed a video and have gone through all the archives to educate ourselves further of the debt and death economy the system offers.

We woke up two years ago, closed out all 401K and bought silver, paid off the house created a food storage, and have been stacking ever since.
Last month we have also purchased large acreage in cash for 1/2 the price it would have been 5 years ago and are in process of build the infrastructure needed to live self sufficiently and safely within a large community of like minded people who live off the grid of no less that 10 acres each. This particular small ranch area  spans 23 mile across and 17 mile deep of Northern AZ and is challenging to find. What is most interest is we have always been lied to about no water in AZ.

It was your video on Alloidial Title that woke us up to the land patents and getting out of the system.
AZ is on the move toward land patents with many being brought current monthly which is encouraging.

We are looking forward to the exit strategy and what to do post collapse. We like you, have lost our family of origin, made decisions that they can not embrace as it offend their programming and goes again the handler training they have opted for as did we a few years back. Perhaps in the end the lonely route we have chosen with benefit them in the end.
Your videos are of such high quality we just do not want to miss out on any other work you do as well as desiring to be a part of quality individuals who can think for themselves and reason with facts.

Thank you again and please know we are looking toward building the community that can be sustained with honest money and quality assets that resonate with who we are not the number and name we have been assigned.

Our best is towards you and we are so grateful for The Sons of Liberty and Truth Never told. Chris doing what is right, not what is popular will always come back to bless you… – Roger B.

There are three categories of people:   Those who make things Happen!
Those who watch things Happen!
Those who wonder what Happened! -Leon W.

This program has changed my life, my perspectives, and my actions. I now feel I have a positive direction as a result of Chris’ research and suggestions. No one else offers a plan of action. Others offer  purely rhetoric and analysis of a current situation we know exists, not the insight offered by Duane. -William R.

Dear Chris,

I have listened to all of your videos and resonate with what you say.  I work and live in the forest, but when it burns I want to be far out of the woods safe on a mountain top.  The Silver Shield Report is that beacon of clarity above the tree line.  I look forward to continue learning from your insight and put that energy toward something constructive to build my future on.  It’s refreshing to be part of a like-minded community that “gets it” and has the foresight to take positive action!  Thanks for all your hard work and the solutions you bring forward!


Duane, As much as I have been programed to think otherwise, I always find true common sense in what you say. Over the past year almost everyone I talk to thinks I am preaching doom and gloom, yet not one has a clue of how warped the system is. Tired of those unable to wake up . . . including my family . . . time to make a stand . . . find support . . . develope a plan they all can grasp. Emile

After discovering and joining the Sons of Liberty academy I watched all 10 lessens in one weeks. Every since then I have been following Chris’ work along with many others. The information at has made me reevaluate everything I had been taught. Even after completing my PhD in Chemistry I feel the lessons learned at DTOM has empowered me to think logically about problems I, my family and the society  will face in the near future. I feel more confident about my abilities to make sound decisions about my future and am excited to continue learning and training with like minded people at the Silver Shield.- James S.

Chris, I attended all 10 modules of the Sons of Liberty Academy.  Boy, what a wake up call.  I can’t wait to get the information you describe in the Silver Shield report. – James W.

I’ve been awake and preparing since Oct 2008. Since I’m responsible not only for my family, but for about 1000 other people, I need the best most current information from the most awake people I can find.  I believe you are one of those people.   -Tim

I enjoy the blogs, the videos, the reports and viewing life from a nontraditional perspective through people whose views may be somewhat different than mine.  My sense of reality is that we are living in abnormal times and I perceive.  I need to develop some ability to think about life and issues outside the norms I was taught.  Thank you for awakening me to issues I was never taught to question.  -Ben B.

Chris, I have watched all of your YouTube videos and I am about 1/2 way through the Sons of Liberty Academy.  I can’t wait to become a part of the Silver Shield Report. Your message of leaderless resistance and walking away from this debt and death paradigm truly resonates with me and I am so happy to have found this group. – Moira A.

Back in Jan.2012 I heard Lindsey Williams talk about the collapse of the dollar, and investing in gold. On my quest to find out about gold i ran across you on You Tube. I’ve been hooked every since. I have been preparing for my family and I a little at a time based on my income. I believe your information will literally save us from perishing in this coming NWO.- Connie

Dear Chris,

Just a quick note of thanks to voice my appreciation for what you have done and continue to do. I found my way to your site only days ago and am feverishly playing “catch up”, listening, watching and reading as quickly as I can. I joined the SSR for a year and look forward to the opportunity to meet with you and the rest of the group. I can’t say that I understand everything that is going on,  but I know that your thoughts, your principles and ideas do resonate with me at the deepest level. I only hope that I have something of value to bring to the table as a surgical sub-specialist. I have done mission work in different areas of the world and currently practice in Maryland, just 25 mile south of DC. We don’t feel comfortable sticking around here once everything goes south.

Just want you to know that I’m out here and tuned in. We are holding you and your family in prayer and look forward to making your acquaintance, perhaps another round table some time.

Peace to you,
Mara D.

Listening to Coast to Coast radio show in the early hours, I was astounded by the pointed questions the host  was asking. Chris’s christian testimony, his knowledge of America’s origin an the candor of his answers jolted me out of my second level of my “REM” sleep. The status of our political system is abysmal. Whether republican or democrat, these “rock stars” are driven by greed and the lies they themselves believe, while turning their back on their creator.
As long as they continue reign there will never be any change for the common man. Thank You. – Clement D.

 A several months ago I began studying investing in precious metals when I accidentally came across a video that talked about a possible financial collapse that sparked my curiosity.  Since then I have been methodically studying the subjects of global economics, politics and monetary/military history.  I cant really describe or put into words the profound change I’ve had in my thinking in just a few short months but what I can say is that I feel as though I’m seeing the world accurately for the first time in my 37 years on this earth.  When I found your truth never told and Silver Bullet Silver Shield series on YouTube I was instantly intrigued.  Your videos have proven to be invaluable in helping me to expand my mind to the possibilities of a new paradigm.  I especially like your idea of a leaderless non violent revolution and of a community based on honesty, integrity and sound money.  I look forward to the possibility of my family and I being able to contribute to such a community
 and to conversing with other like minded individuals.  Thank you for all of your hard work Chris, I’m so excited and can’t wait to see what this endeavor might bring about in a post dollar world.  Sincerely, Tim

While I’ve only gotten through your first recording on the SBSS, I have gone through your 10 modules in sons’ of liberty academy.  I am forever changed.  I am very grateful to have had Sons’ of Liberty Academy available to me for free.  I wouldn’t have paid for it because I was stuck in the old “fear of the con” cycle as well as being limited financially.  Had I not experienced your historical presentations my eyes would not have opened to the truth.  An awakening could not have occurred without the modules.  I hope you don’t take them down, a gift available to others who might just “wake up” to the truth and wish to not be @ effect of the globalists.  I hope to be one of your blessings in repayment for your gifts to me.  Thanks for putting yourself out Chris.  I know full well that you don’t hear it often enough.  

GOD BLESS YOU and your family,

Respectfully, Barbara G.

“Glad I took the leap and got a membership, great information! I just went and sunk a good chunk of what money I could into physical silver.” Christopher K.

“I sure enjoyed your first module and could see the hard work & brilliance in it. I am a senior citizen and wanted to save the money to reward you for your effort before moving to the next module. Just amazing info! enjoy it very much!” -Penny J.

This is not the country in which I was brought up.  The values instilled in me but my parents and schools seem to no longer apply.  I need to hear from informed PATRIOTIC People. I need to be able to exist in this world, as it is, until we can function again under the original CONSTITUTION. I have watched this once great Country become more and more socialistic.  This has to be reversed.  At this point, I really need information on preserving what little I have ,and try to pass legitimate information to my children, and there children.  -Ernest M

“Fantastic Iran Petro Dollar report (#23). Superb, in depth review. On par with anything released internally, or covertly within state department, etc. There must be some intelligent PhD men/women within who are aware. Boggles the mind, how “one guy on a blog” lays this out, while major media, research institutes / think tanks such as Rand, SRI et al., fail to grasp / ignore.” Hank R.
How to begin… I want to start by sharing with you the utter extreme level of gratitude that I feel for you, your quest, and your unending efforts. I feel in the core of my being that what we are creating will go down in history. We are building this foundation in which we all share brother and sisterhood, in which we all have ‘skin’ in the game, in which we all resonate as one or march to a similar drum beat, in which we all understand what has been and what will be, in which we all desire to live, thrive and, “be left alone.” It has been sometime since we last communicated. I am the financial advisor still trapped in the false paradigm. I have chosen not to remove myself from said paradigm, YET! But instead to use it for our benefit, to extract as much fiat as I can and convert to phyz, to gather client assets in the current paradigm to carefully and tactfully share with those ‘investors’/ savers the truth and ideally transition some or all of their “portfolio” to phyz. Last night out partying with some friends a new friend in our group showed curiosity about the Eagle I was spinning on the bar table. My first instinct, and to my wife’s irritation, was to give it to her, and I did. I feel there are countless ways in which we can all collectively and/ or individually spread the truth and carry with us as much financial, intellectual, spiritual, and philanthropic capital as possible into the next paradigm. I am constantly discovering new ways. I had the idea for a bumper sticker, and I’m sharing with you what may be a million ounce idea, and if you agree, please take it and run: “Got Silver”. Granted most stackers may not want to advertise their holdings, but great handouts they would make. I would put one on my fridge, one on my brewing kegs, one in my office, and give one to every stacker I know. You have reminded me of my freedom Chris. You have given me strength as I felt it sliding away into darkness and depression. You have given me hope. There is a way out and although it may be impractical for many of us to completely disconnect from the current mad hatter paradigm, we can live in it as insiders poisoning this ship as it goes down while sharing the truth and hopefully saving as many fellow brothers and sisters as possible, hopefully carrying as much human capital as possible with us. I am open to you posting this message as a testimonial. I am open and hopeful to someday do an interview with you. May the Universe or your God bless you and all of us, give us strength and courage to conquer this beast, or the skill and patience to allow it to conquer itself! We are all in this together, and that feels damn good!
With Peace, Love, and Gratitude,
Silver Willy

“Chris, You have allowed me to really open up to something that has been nagging at me from the back of my mind/soul/essence for so long, that it truly felt insane to think so differently than most around me. I appreciate what you are doing and plan on continuing my education at the Academy for some time to come. Thank you so very much and please keep your efforts moving forward.” -Curtis G.

“I have you to thank for this, my valued, distant friend – more than Mike Maloney, David Morgan, Eric Sprott, Jim Sinclair and other notable hard-money proponents (none of whom have been so generous with their time and wisdom) – because of your literally hundreds of persuasive, passionate and well-supported educational videos and postings which focus so keenly on the significance that holding physical silver will mean to our personal freedom and security in the coming years.” – Robert H.

Other than Ron Paul, Chris Duane is the only high profile person out there I totally agree with. I am not sure how this whole thing is going to shake out but I like the fact that he is on track with the only thing that makes sense and he is open to new ideas should the landscape change or a something new be brought to his attention. Good job Chris. Stay humble. -Scott S.

“I was looking for someone that had an idea on what to do once we get to the other side. This is the information and mental frame of mind I have been searching for!” -Alan v.

“I just finished watching your Sons of Liberty Academy video series and I feel like my entire life has changed. Seriously. Not just an eye opener. I now see the world in an entirely different way.” -Erik


Hi Chris,I wanted to send a quick note to say how much I am enjoying your Silver Shield Reports.  The variety of content and openness displayed is welcomed.  You really don’t hold back but it is the spirit in which the message is displayed with concern and a sense of urgency that is most appreciative.  I know it takes must take many hours of time to put the information together, so again, thanks for all that your doing and I wish you and your family a blessed and prosperous New Year!Regards,
Tim B.I’ve spent some time from attending the meeting in Cleveland until now, trying to think of a way to word my thoughts to help others consider signing up for SSR and being part of any other additional efforts that come from members that make this group unique. I’ve come to the conclusion that one shouldn’t have to persuade any one individual to take part in any one thing. You, as an individual, either do or you don’t. You either take part in something you believe in or move on to something else you may feel comfortable with that you can benefit from.For those that are committed to changing their life, will find a way to do so. To truly change yourself and make an impact on others you have to overcome your own doubt and fear. Chris has done exactly that with his work. I agree with him about not having a whole lot to do with those that show up late to the party. Why invest time, emotion and risk into something only for John or Jane Doe to come in at the end and enjoy the fruits of your labor? Now is the time, the beginning, to overcome doubts and fear, to be part of an effort being put forth to help in the creation of a new paradigm. I believe with what Chris’ ideas are transitioning into is the start of something bigger and better for us all as sovereign individuals, and in a sense, a litmus test as to who he can consider truly committed or not.I think that for the amount of sacrifice and work Chris has done, and to have willingly presented the material and knowledge available from the Academy for free, is a testament to his character and integrity. Last time I checked, I didn’t work for free. I myself have no problem in supporting someone who has overcome adversity and walked away from everything, including toxic family members, to start a new life and to help others, including myself, wake up to a dying paradigm and help them prepare to the best of their ability for what lies ahead.You should only do what you feel is right for you and what you feel comfortable in doing, but if you feel you have benefitted from Chris’ work so far, as well as other members’ contributions, and it has affected you in a way as to question and alter your whole approach to life and the meaning and purpose behind it, then ask yourself this… ‘Wouldn’t I want to be part of a well informed effort to stay ahead of that curve, so that I and others can prosper in the end?’ – Jackson

“It now regularly happens that virtually time I read or listen to another of your numerous contributions (just yesterday, it was a recent discussion with Kerry Lutz) to understanding and surviving the coming, historic “old paradigm death/new paradigm growth” (for wont of a better phrase), I am impressed anew by your superb skills – beginning with your assimilating, digesting and analyzing the contents of approximately 240 books and numerous articles in preparation for your journey and continuing with the SOLA and now the SilverShieldReport – applied to insuring that your mission and efforts remain honest and true, organized, focused, relevant, logically disseminated, and expanding.  I could say a lot more about this, but suffice it to say that I don’t know one man in a thousand (ten thousand in fact) who had/has the vision, commitment, tenacity, and passion to do what you have done.” -Rob

“Wow! That blew me away! Very inspiring! Talk about laying all your cards on the table. When do we get to hear the rest?” -Silver Surfer

“Visionary philosopher, savvy businessman, moral, just, motivated, and lovable, are just a few ways to describe Chris Duane.  Like a beacon of light guiding ships in the night, his words can be both soothing and motivating.  Thanks for being here at humanity’s moment of need, Chris.  Good Luck” -Gareth

“As having been someone whose been in the depression stage for quite a while now – having felt paralyzed (deeply in the depression stage) and unable to take any sort of action within this paradigm – the Silver Shield reports have been a tremendous impact on my ability to move forward, realize that I have it within myself to make positive, mental changes in my thinking, and learn to see the world in a different light – not just politically,but spiritually, philosophically and emotionally. The story with your son being so full of life and your own personal solution with identifying negative thoughts and slowly getting rid of them, is what did it for me …
Words don’t do you any justice when it comes to the subtleties, deeper insights, and logical thinking your thought processes take me to with the format that the Silver Shield reports have to offer. When I listened to the 2nd Silver Shield report … it was just a complete MIND trip …. it completely blew my mind away, because of the way you brought all these variables together. It’s as if you walked me through, step by step or every step of the way on your logical thought process. I listened to this one at least 5 times. The Silver Shield reports feel like impersonal strategy sessions on crack. I know that if I continue listening to the Silver Shield report, soon I’m going to be able to analyze and logically think through situations and what people say just like you do, and that to me is worth a million times more than any price tag you’re asking for.” – Irving A.

“I just returned from the meeting in Cleveland and wanted to say thanks to Chris and his wife, Dora, for organizing and presenting a very informative meeting. Chris’s passion really shows through. He spoke for hours with no notes which in itself shows how deeply he believes in what he is saying along with an incredible knowledge on every topic.

It was also wonderful connecting with people of “like minds” and convictions. I’m waiting to hear about the next meeting–even if it will be in Cleveland in January!! Try not to miss the next one!” – Susan S.

“I just attended the Silver Shield meeting in Cleveland.  It was great to meet other ‘awakened’ folks.  Got to meet Chris and his wife.  Great people.  There is a real belief and passion behind what Chris is doing.  More important to me, this is not about making money, this is about making a difference.  Thanks for the hard work Chris.” – Jeff Parker

“Chris, Excellent discussion today!  I very much enjoyed your practical application of the Trivium and exposing logical fallacies we see all around us.  This is exactly the type of insights I was hoping for in the SSR.”  -James C

“Chris your ideas just keep growing. This is the next level! Wish I could make the meet and greet but just can’t. I do hope you follow through with the idea of recording it for us all to hear.”  -Mike

“The first report was great…good idea on the audio.  I can download to my phone and listen in the car!
I have my reservation at the Holiday in for Saturday night and look forward to hearing what you have to say. As far as the negative comments from people…people do not want to take responsibility for their lives.  If they wake up they can no longer blame everyone else.  Keep on keeping on!  You’re doing a great service to so many people.  See ya Saturday!” -Suzanne

“This really is life changing information being taught here. I know my life has gained so much since I have gone through the Academy. I quit my job, quit college, and found things that resonated with me. I have no idea how it worked out but I ended up landing the exact job (apprenticeship)  I would have gone to college for five years to obtain (Electrical Engineering). I went two. I know I’m a very rare case but I would have taken out loans this year had I not found this website. So I owe a lot to Chris, and I understand why he has to do this. Chris has 100 percent of my support and I look forward to getting this ball rolling.” – JB

“What a great first presentation that you gave to us this week-end.  We appreciate your hard work and efforts.  We wanted to let you know just how much that you are appreciated.  The worlds current situation has taken it’s toll on us to some degree and as you were speaking the stress and tension slowly started to dissipate!  Thank You!  We are happy to have found you and your site, it is well worth the price of admission!” -James and Patricia

“So far I’ve found that I’ve known a lot, but I’ve learned a lot, if that makes sense?  As others have said, having all this presented integrally together makes it all clear.  I refuse to be anyone’s slave in this life, and that’s the purpose of going through this process for me.  I see so many 20 and 30 somethings going around in life happy to be sheeple and never asking questions that I feel the need to wake them up!  Thanks for all you do, and I’m happy to have become part of  a worthwhile endeavor.” -Diana

“Chris, I really enjoyed the first Silver Shield Report and like always your approach and ideas resonate with me. I am glad I found your site and this really helped me understand how the world currently works and how to not get lost in the false truths that are put out there by the elite.” -Cory

“Anyone still undecided owes it to their future to at least try it for one month. There is so much more that comes across when you can hear someone’s voice vs. reading another blog entry. Intonation. Humility. Passion. Chris said he is even going to try to record the 6 hour dinner get-together for those of us who cannot fly in to Cleveland on the 28th. That just blew me away. In my book, Chris goes above and beyond the call in everything he’s been doing for us. In the coming days, nationwide, Chris is sure to be recognized more and more as a trusted authority. I would encourage you to make the most of this period of time while intimate gatherings are still possible.” -From Kansas City

“I’m also an optimist that thinks, in the end, our Local Communities will be our best chance to pull through this mess.” -C.O.

“I KNOW YOUR HEART !!!   I have read enough of your writing…Not to mention your numerous video interviews, when I could look into your eyes, & hear your words “from your heart & mind”, without need of a teleprompter.   You not only “believe what you say” (as do I), but have the conviction of knowledge, gleaned from massive research & historical correlation.   I don`t have time or patience for those who want “an open forum” to argue & complain & “get their shorts in a bunch”, because you might benefit from your extensive efforts.  I consider my annual membership in SSR, a small down payment, on what you have already meant to me.   If it was just hoarding silver, & “holing up somewhere”, we don`t need eachother that much, anymore.   I, like you, want to be involved in THE REFOUNDING OF AMERICA…not just surviving.   It`s about destiny, legacy, & INDIVIDUAL & COLLECTIVE FREEDOM. I can`t understand how anyone “hears your message”, & concludes that 30 PIECES OF PAPER PER MONTH, is your “primary motivation”…Even if it were, THE TRUTH OF THE MESSAGE STANDS ON ITS OWN.   I believe “the doubters” PERCIEVE your motivation, through the prism, of their personal weakness.   What would I do, had I the same position & opportunity, & needed to support my wife & children ???…What would the additional funding do to “further the cause” ???      CONSIDER, BEFORE CASTING STONES…….”My awakening” hastened with involvement in “The Tea-Party”…”Original 9-12er”, in DC, “the whole 9-yards”…Gonna “fix it”, through the “political process”.   ON THE INTERNET…Joined every patriot group imaginable…Helped CHANGE MY CONGRESSMAN, state senator, delegate, & “party chairman”.   ALONG THE WAY, I discovered THE FRAUD OF WHAT I WAS PARTICIPATING IN.   By “going down the rabbit hole” of information, available on the net…Sharing info with countless others…verifying as I “went”, I belatedly had “figured out” much of what Chris is telling us (OWNERSHIP OF OUR MONETARY / ECONOMIC / POLITICAL SYSTEM, BY THE ELITES—both parties “carry water for them”), & I was already ALL-IN on silver…..When I discovered him, this year, Chris was “years ahead of me”…HAD ALREADY DONE THE CHORES,  that I was “putting off till tomorrow”.   My “exit strategy” was more, “what I didn`t want to do” (Not selling for any amount of paper).   We are better learning the “eletist game plan”, as we awaken.   As they have been, for many years, they plan on “being the hammer”…….Let US plan, on “NOT BEING THE NAIL”……UNITED, WE ARE THE HAMMER !!!  We have to “unlearn political party affiliation”…It is false hope & deception !!!”
”  -R.W.

“Making an investment because I have faith in your cause, and respect for your efforts. Thanks Chris.”

“I for one have been dreaming about exactly what you’re talking about and thought that something like that would or could never happen as it was too far out of reach.  I would love to speak to you about that if you have time.  I couldn’t believe what I was hearing in your presentation!  It is giving me hope and I’m able to pull myself out of the despair that this situation has created in our world.  Kindest Regards.” – Patricia

“Hi Chris, sincerely thanks for all the great info and hard work mate, thanks for all the videos, interviews, the website and for having the courage and dedication to get it all out there for the benefit of all.  Cheers.” -Nick

“I admire & appreciate your bold message.” -Alvin

“Hey Chris!!  
I’m a huge fan and admirer of your work for over 6 months now. Youve definitely had a big effect on getting me to move my ass and start stacking. It was something that I had been mulling over for years and could not put off any longer. Your words, actions and website have helped to inspire me into action as well as not feel so alone in the uphill battle against a corrupt and unjust system. Maybe its the parts of your story about taking a huge risk and  leaving your world and New Jersey behind to pursue a more self sufficient lifestyle ( a goal of mine for quite some time), but your thoughts and ideas resonate very strongly with me.

When I heard about your new projects, I was very excited to jump on board and participate as much as I am able to. If I had my way ( and a lot more time ) I would have loved to have been apart of the Maverick Group (provided I was accepted, of course. lol!). But for the time being, I am happy to be a subscriber to the silver shield report. Not only do I feel that you are a visionary, but a fair and honorable man. I have no doubts that the price of admittance will be well worth the work and information that I am very much looking forward to receiving.

Thank you for all of your good work. Your hopes and dreams for the future of this country help to motivate me to pitch in and do my part to fight the good fight. And by the way, Im pretty sure that the next time I trade my FRNs for real money, it  will be with Constitutional Silver. I am anxious to join a brotherhood of stackers. Best of luck!”  -Michael
Hey Chris, I just wanted to write you a quick email. I wanted to thank you for all the hard work you have put into this you truely are inspiring. I myself was going through this depression stage for about 6 months and i stumbled upon your greatest truth never told series and it was exactly what i needed. I believer you were at like 2000 views at that time so i caught it right away and have been watching everyone ever since. I was deep into the rothschilds rockefellers you name it i just couldnt get over the fact of what i knew and how the world could be so blind. But i was just mad at myself for all the same reasons. I myself am an alcoholic who has been in recovery for almost 1 year i work a 12 step program and i have to say your philosphy is very similar which is why i resonate with your beliefs and values so much. we and when i say we i include myself always want the easier softer way we want to sit around and wait for things to change. that is where you helped me with the acceptance stage. i got off my wallet and bought 120 eagles and it truely was a freeing expierience physically holding those coins. I myself am 25 years old it is always a daily struggle everyday to accept responsibility. i can know the right thing and talk about it all i want but until i put legs on it and suit up and show up nothing ever changes. in recovery we always say its a program of action that we are never standing still we are either moving forward or backward i have found alot of truth to that. well you have helped me do that financially and all around economically so i wanted to thank you for that.   – Sincerely Dan C

“Thanks Chris, I have thoroughly enjoyed your site and your research to date. You might say I have been a lurker watching what has been transpiring on this site for the last several months and was happy to have stumbled across DTOM.  I hold many of the same thoughts and beliefs that I find here, as we must have read and studied the same information and books,  and was at a loss for finding many likeminded folks. I hope with this new direction you are taking to get involved more and find maybe more in my area to share with. Thanks!” -Tim

“Hi Chris, – I’ve always wanted to get through the academy, still trying to find the time with long commutes and house work on the weekends, but I’ve read enough of your regular articles to give me the confidence to join going forward. It’s obvious you’ve put a tremendous amount of time into this and I’m looking forward to hearing from you through the Silver Shield Report.  Thanks.” – Jim

“Chris Duane takes info I have already encountered and packages it together in unique and truthful, easily accessible material that cuts straight to the quick.  My great country needs patriots like him and the information he puts out.” Stephen H.

“I am amazed at the amount of work you have performed to put the Sons of Liberty Academy together.  I am proud to be associated with it.  Work calls, so I will have to send a more substantive email in the future. Thanks!”  -Larry

“Chris, I have been following your work for some time now.  I appreciate all your efforts with and the Sons of Liberty Academy.  While I was a free member of SOLA, I can understand your need for subscribers to pay for the information and service that you have and will be providing.  It is quite obvious that you have invested much time and money and deserve to earn a living.  I am happy to become a member of the SS Report and look forward to further guidance of how to move forward.  I look forward to all of your discussions and hope that I can fully participate in these efforts.  You have been very responsive to your members and I am sure they as I appreciate you. Thanks Chris!” -Deanna

“DTOM and SOLA belong to the most useful sites I’ve ever found in internet.” -Tina

“Hi chris I am glad to be a part of your investment strategy !!” -Raj

“I have been very impressed with all the hard work and information Chris has and put out.  I am very greatful for having this information available and have forwarded to many people to help them learn the truth.” -Deborah


“Thank for the great work, I’m looking forward.”  -S.J.

“I was blown away by the Sons of Liberty Academy and now I’m looking forward to the The Silver Shield Report. Duane delivers great analyses and insights about the issues facing free men and women in today’s world.” -David

“I signed up for the Sons Of Liberty Academy well over a year ago back before it was free and it is worth every cent in real money. Chris put together such a concise well laid out format and he supplies all the supporting documentation of what he is telling us and talking about, which is great as you can reference this documentation later and or show it to others who are not awake or are disbelievers. I am extremely thankful to Chris for taking the time to develop the academy and share his vast wealth of knowledge. Every time I meet someone who it attuned to what is going on I refer them to the academy so they can expound on their awakening. I advise anyone who wants to know the truth about the world that is going on around them and what is coming to tap into the academy and now these new programs Chris has. Things are going to get tough real soon but tough times don’t have to be tough if you are prepared and one of the best ways to prepare that I have found is to listen to what Chris is advising. Thanks for everything Chris.” -Randy

“Its just a pipe dream for now, but it gives me a reason to live.” H.T.

“I’ve been buying silver since 2003 and never came up with a good plan in exiting other than selling enough to pay off my mortgage. I’ve been running my small landscaping company for over 20 years and plan to continue as long as my health and economy allows, so I’m interested in the idea of using silver to finance other business ventures when I end that business. Take Care.” – Robert

“Chris, I joined months ago and didn’t finish the modules. I need to start over. And I want to make sure I am on the list after the latest hack. This time I am sending money. You are invaluable. Thank you.”  -Jeff

“I have been an advocate of liberty for some time now.  I left high school a NeoCon, and became a small-“L” libertarian in college following an introduction to Austrian Economics ( in a fantastic Political Economy course.  I have since spoken often of the theories which inspire my beliefs in freedom, but have recently been called to true action.  I recently signed up to be a precinct leader for the Ron Paul campaign, and was infuriated by the police state and false flag operation depicted in the recently-aired (on PBS) documentary, Better This World.  After finding your site while searching for reading afterward, I became compelled to sign up.” – Jordan

“I agree with you on so many levels and have experienced all the stages of awakening, some more than others! Its great to get more knowledge and ideas and also affirming resonation with topics I agree and actively participate in..keep up the fight, the good will triumph over evil! God Bless” -Denise

“The information presented has confirmed many things I suspected and helps fill in the missing pieces to the puzzle. Thank you.”ShaneHello Mr Chris.

Back in …about September and/or October of 2011, I heard you speak on the FSN created by Mr Kerry Lutz (I happen to find his FSN from my subscription to the Casey Research Reports and so on…). Needless to say, I was blessed to be able to do a “personal strategy session” with you, via phone.

Well, Mr Duane …You Sir, became ” MY CATALYST OF ALL ‘THOUGHT ADJUSTERS’ “. I will attempt to briefly explain (…Karin is never brief…but I shall give it a whirl!).

I as I dove into the gambit of Politics (Early Tea Party “activist”, if you will), Republican LD22 Committeeman, reading as many economical, political and social histories of ancient civilizations to present, loosing sleep (as I had a re-awakening of what was TRULY on going from histories, times, space pasts), the feeling in the pit of my stomach grew…my own personal life, at the time, couldn’t be a real comfort to me, I just wouldn’t let it. I, me, myself, did the ultimate faux paux (lending to the “Me Generation” on so many levels…but that is for another place and time. In fact, I am writing a book on my very faux paux …this is most certainly cathartic for myself, on so many levels…when one comes face to face with ones own soul, “The truth from within”). So, like Karin fashion, I just charged ahead, recognition of not only what I created in my own life and to the very man I so love deeply, but, imparting the negative on generations to come and then to realize the very truths set in place, ready willing and very much able to come to life (mathematically improbable of a world paradigm shift)! frustration was abound in me as I so tried, yes, with “off the wall thoughts” about how to start preparing…but my thoughts were too “negative and radical” for my husband!

…a horrifying feeling crept into the very depths of my soul!

I cried.

Depression, panic, more depression, more panic…until I ultimately became stagnant. I couldn’t put down the
reading material! I needed to hear the TRUTH Chris…on ALL LEVELS! Devoid of beauty, naked, ugly…something, a desire, a need, a want of searching for that concept of dynamic faith…faith in knowing
that the Ugly truth needs to be moved from the dark and into the light. Light will shine…the truth can and
will be bright and beautiful again. I can, We can, our Generation can, our Father’s can, Our Mother’s can, Our next Leader’s can, any Soul CAN…SHINE THAT LIGHT!

I was in this state of “flux”, if you will, when I was “redirected” in a path towards YOU.

In our “one on one” session back in Sept/Oct of 2011, you said something to me Chris…well, actually, many
things that resonated; However, this concept … this concept of ‘…the many stages of ACCEPTANCE…’!
Like Grieving…one must go through the human process of it all. You actually said that it was ‘ok to feel this way’ and that, ‘I was actually moving along in the proper process’ and…’I am at the point of passing the depression state’ and…that ‘I could finally start the acceptance process’. You went on to say that eventually, just like grieving, I’d start shedding the FEAR of what will be and move into the phase of wanting to contribute… to prepare’ . You said it Chris, to become “AWARE AND PREPARE” !

You mentioned not to press my husband. ‘Maybe, you may want to share this conversation you had with me’.

Well Chis…I did…

Friday, 03, January, 2012, we signed up for the Silver shield Report.

This past Saturday, 04, January, 2012, as we drove home from Phoenix where we sat for 2 hours, purchasing
Gold and Silver…all of $22,000.00 that we could muster at this time, I cried.

This cry, was of being able to SHED LIGHT ON TRUTH…a baby step…yes Sir, indeed…but one of Dynamic, ever growing Faith!!! …to be continued…

I can’t begin to give my sincerest of heartfelt thanks to you Chris and what you do!

You are indeed, an incredibly positive, intelligent, visionary of a soul who is a most important “beautiful piece of the Mosaic”!

I would be honored to be a part of one of your “STRATEGY SESSIONS” Chris. If I could but touch one soul
in life, by walking the walk…I would be very proud to then “talk the talk”. I am one to always believe that, at all
levels, phases and age of one’s life, it is for us to continue our path towards an never ending journey of DYNAMIC FAITH.

With my most humble of gratitude towards you,
Karin L

PS. “Brief’dom” eluded me once more…sooooorrry!

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all the work you’ve done with the Sons of Liberty Academy. For years I have felt that there is something very wrong with our society and the direction it is taking us.  The Sons of Liberty Academy was a tremendous resource that tied together the various elements of the problem. Perhaps what I am most grateful for is your attitude towards the future. Becoming aware is an extremely difficult process and can be at times discouraging and even depressing. It is difficult sometimes not to get stuck in the fear loop and feel helpless about the future.  The Sons of Liberty Academy and Greatest Truth Never Told channel promote the power of the individual against the collective and show us that each of us has the power to live our lives the way we want to.  Your work and dedication to individual liberty truly has been an inspiration to me.


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