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The Silver Shield Report is an exclusive monthly report from the creator of the Sons of Liberty Academy, The Greatest Truth Never Told, and founder of Dont-Tread-On.Me, Chris Duane. His insightful commentary provides the context needed to survive and thrive in a society in terminal collapse. Chris focuses on taking positive actions in the face of the single largest event in human history, the mathematically inevitable collapse of the dollar. His beliefs in decentralized power, honest money and leaderless resistance are at the core of his vision for action.

If you are looking for light in the face of overwhelming doom and gloom, the Silver Shield Report is what you are looking for.

Here is what you will get with a subscription to the Monthly Silver Shield Report.

  • 100+ Silver Shield Reports included in the archives covering the intellectual foundation for a new way of life without debt, war, or collectivism.  The Sons of Liberty Academy reveals the past, The Greatest Truth Never Told covers the present, the Silver Shield Report creates the future.
  • A unique monthly Silver Shield Report that dissects the current propaganda and looks to build a new world with Real Friends, Real Skills and Real Wealth.  No other Report has the clarity of perspective on the multifaceted factors that interact to create our reality and be able to put it all into a concise plan for the individual to take positive productive action to become truly free. 
  • Private Member’s Forum.  Meet other like minded, consciously aware and abundant people.
  • Special Edition silver coins not available anywhere else in the world.  These limited edition coins are available on a frequent basis to round out your collection and typically do very well on the secondary market.
  • Behind the scenes look into the creation of The Greatest Truth Never Told epic series.  See the creation of this new fictional series seeks to destroy the future laid out for us by Huxley and Orwell and show how humanity can truly become free.
  • Access to a new consciously different Secondary Silver Series that will tie into The Greatest Truth Never Told series and show the progression of consciousness of humanity.  This new series will be totally different than anything done in the past and will only be available to members of the Silver Shield Report.
  • Access to special deals on silver, Strategy Sessions and live Maverick Mastermind series events.  Special access to opportunities for members only. 
  • The next step to building a Silver Bank, Commodity Backed Crypto Currency, and Silver Equitable Fund for this unique group of consciously aware individuals to build a better world out of the ashes of the old.  All current efforts are guided by the Ultimate Exit Strategy to effectively transfer our wealth into the next financial paradigm to build a consciously different world to create generational freedom.

This membership is a must, for those that have invested heavily into physical silver, as we seek to open opportunities in the silver space.

Last SSR

“This is like going to yoga class except its not yoga, its more like a “mental Kung Fu class”. Good session Chris I enjoyed it, maybe put up a webcam next time either way awesome stuff.” -Howard T.

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Testimonials from those that have joined!

“I love the Sons of Liberty Academy. It is great. It really educated and cemented my thinking. Keep up the positive and give only passing attention to the negative.” -George

“I’m also an optimist that thinks, in the end, our Local Communities will be our best chance to pull through this mess.” -C.O.

“Making an investment because I have faith in your cause, and respect for your efforts. Thanks Chris.”

“I for one have been dreaming about exactly what you’re talking about and thought that something like that would or could never happen as it was too far out of reach. I would love to speak to you about that if you have time. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing in your presentation! It is giving me hope and I’m able to pull myself out of the despair that this situation has created in our world. Kindest Regards.” – Patricia

“Hi Chris, sincerely thanks for all the great info and hard work mate, thanks for all the videos, interviews, the website and for having the courage and dedication to get it all out there for the benefit of all. Cheers.” -Nick

“I admire & appreciate your bold message.” -Alvin

“Hey Chris!!
I’m a huge fan and admirer of your work for over 6 months now. Youve definitely had a big effect on getting me to move my ass and start stacking. It was something that I had been mulling over for years and could not put off any longer. Your words, actions and website have helped to inspire me into action as well as not feel so alone in the uphill battle against a corrupt and unjust system. Maybe its the parts of your story about taking a huge risk and leaving your world and New Jersey behind to pursue a more self sufficient lifestyle ( a goal of mine for quite some time), but your thoughts and ideas resonate very strongly with me.

When I heard about your new projects, I was very excited to jump on board and participate as much as I am able to. If I had my way ( and a lot more time ) I would have loved to have been apart of the Maverick Group (provided I was accepted, of course. lol!). But for the time being, I am happy to be a subscriber to the silver shield report. Not only do I feel that you are a visionary, but a fair and honorable man. I have no doubts that the price of admittance will be well worth the work and information that I am very much looking forward to receiving.

Thank you for all of your good work. Your hopes and dreams for the future of this country help to motivate me to pitch in and do my part to fight the good fight. And by the way, Im pretty sure that the next time I trade my FRNs for real money, it will be with Constitutional Silver. I am anxious to join a brotherhood of stackers. Best of luck!” -Michael

“Thanks Chris, I have thoroughly enjoyed your site and your research to date. You might say I have been a lurker watching what has been transpiring on this site for the last several months and was happy to have stumbled across DTOM. I hold many of the same thoughts and beliefs that I find here, as we must have read and studied the same information and books, and was at a loss for finding many likeminded folks. I hope with this new direction you are taking to get involved more and find maybe more in my area to share with. Thanks!” -Tim

“Hi Chris, – I’ve always wanted to get through the academy, still trying to find the time with long commutes and house work on the weekends, but I’ve read enough of your regular articles to give me the confidence to join going forward. It’s obvious you’ve put a tremendous amount of time into this and I’m looking forward to hearing from you through the Silver Shield Report. Thanks.” – Jim

“I am amazed at the amount of work you have performed to put the Sons of Liberty Academy together. I am proud to be associated with it. Work calls, so I will have to send a more substantive email in the future. Thanks!” -Larry

“Chris, I have been following your work for some time now. I appreciate all your efforts with and the Sons of Liberty Academy. While I was a free member of SOLA, I can understand your need for subscribers to pay for the information and service that you have and will be providing. It is quite obvious that you have invested much time and money and deserve to earn a living. I am happy to become a member of the SS Report and look forward to further guidance of how to move forward. I look forward to all of your discussions and hope that I can fully participate in these efforts. You have been very responsive to your members and I am sure they as I appreciate you. Thanks Chris!” -Deanna

“DTOM and SOLA belong to the most useful sites I’ve ever found in internet.” -Tina

“Hi chris I am glad to be a part of your investment strategy !!” -Raj

“I have been very impressed with all the hard work and information Chris has and put out. I am very greatful for having this information available and have forwarded to many people to help them learn the truth.” -Deborah


“Thank for the great work, I’m looking forward.” -S.J.

“I was blown away by the Sons of Liberty Academy and now I’m looking forward to the The Silver Shield Report. Duane delivers great analyses and insights about the issues facing free men and women in today’s world.” -David

“I signed up for the Sons Of Liberty Academy well over a year ago back before it was free and it is worth every cent in real money. Chris put together such a concise well laid out format and he supplies all the supporting documentation of what he is telling us and talking about, which is great as you can reference this documentation later and or show it to others who are not awake or are disbelievers. I am extremely thankful to Chris for taking the time to develop the academy and share his vast wealth of knowledge. Every time I meet someone who it attuned to what is going on I refer them to the academy so they can expound on their awakening. I advise anyone who wants to know the truth about the world that is going on around them and what is coming to tap into the academy and now these new programs Chris has. Things are going to get tough real soon but tough times don’t have to be tough if you are prepared and one of the best ways to prepare that I have found is to listen to what Chris is advising. Thanks for everything Chris.” -Randy

“Its just a pipe dream for now, but it gives me a reason to live.” H.T.

“I’ve been buying silver since 2003 and never came up with a good plan in exiting other than selling enough to pay off my mortgage. I’ve been running my small landscaping company for over 20 years and plan to continue as long as my health and economy allows, so I’m interested in the idea of using silver to finance other business ventures when I end that business. Take Care.” – Robert

“Chris, I joined months ago and didn’t finish the modules. I need to start over. And I want to make sure I am on the list after the latest hack. This time I am sending money. You are invaluable. Thank you.” -Jeff

“I have been an advocate of liberty for some time now. I left high school a NeoCon, and became a small-“L” libertarian in college following an introduction to Austrian Economics ( in a fantastic Political Economy course. I have since spoken often of the theories which inspire my beliefs in freedom, but have recently been called to true action. I recently signed up to be a precinct leader for the Ron Paul campaign, and was infuriated by the police state and false flag operation depicted in the recently-aired (on PBS) documentary, Better This World. After finding your site while searching for reading afterward, I became compelled to sign up.” – Jordan

“I agree with you on so many levels and have experienced all the stages of awakening, some more than others! Its great to get more knowledge and ideas and also affirming resonation with topics I agree and actively participate in..keep up the fight, the good will triumph over evil! God Bless” -Denise

“The information presented has confirmed many things I suspected and helps fill in the missing pieces to the puzzle. Thank you.” Shane

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  1. The 5 Stages of Awakening- See the exact process of how people become awakened and totally free.
  2. The Silver Bullet and the Silver Shield- The groundbreaking report that has been read by over 300,000 people worldwide and translated into 7 languages.
  3. The Two Coming American Revolutions- There is a fork in the road to revolution. One road takes us back to our Constitutional roots; the other down to tyranny of Collectivism.
  4. 30 Reasons to Get Out of Real Estate and Into Real Assets- You will never look at your Real Estate investments the same after this report.
  5. 5 Places NOT to be During the Dollar Collapse- See the 5 places you do not want to be near when the mathematically inevitable collapse of the dollar happens.
  6. The Trivium- The Key to Freedom- A look at how we can free ourselves by simply changing the way we perceive reality.
  7. Beware of Patriot Pied Pipers- Just because some can talk a good talk does not mean they, walk the walk.
  8. The Rise of the Anti Hegemon- See how a union of nations that have not benefited from the Anglo American dominance will challenge the New American Century.
  9. A Decade of Denial and Deception- The magnus opus of the decade following 9/11.
  10. The Ultimate Exit Strategy- The visionary plan to positively create a new paradigm after the dollar collapse.
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