Too Poor To Prepare


This is my best advice to all of those that think they do not have enough to prepare for collapse.

Before You THANK A VET…

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Possession is Nine-Tenths of the Law

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By Dr Jeff Lewis, From Silver Coin Investor

“…Even though the property was originally stolen, that if the victim or his heirs cannot be found, and if the current possessor was not the actual criminal who stole the property, then title to that property belongs properly, justly, and ethically to its current possessor.” – . . . → Read More: Possession is Nine-Tenths of the Law

Watch High Frequency Trading in Action / Stock Markets Rigged?

High Speed Trading

Watch High Speed Trading in Action in this video. The majority of the stock market is traded by these high speed super computers with lightning fast processing power. 70% of the stock market volume is from these super computer’s programs to trade the markets.

Be Your Own Central Bank – Hacking at the Root


By Rory from The Daily Coin

“You’re that little guy at the root of that bad, ugly tree with the little hatchet and every time you take a dollar out of the system, by not using it. By using something else wether it’s a barter transaction, wether it’s a trade with your neighbor, wether it’s . . . → Read More: Be Your Own Central Bank – Hacking at the Root

Which Silver Stacker Are You?


Forget FEEbay Buy and Sell Silver on the

June Silver Shield Report Is Posted

Competition is Sin - PROOF - 3D

Update 1: We blew through the entire allocation of Competition Is A Sin in 2 days.

This Monday is the last day for Silver Shield Group to order this coin.

This was one of the most spectacular months in human history and yet the ‘Merica was blinded by Donald Sterling and a spoiled . . . → Read More: June Silver Shield Report Is Posted

PROOF The WORST Silver Market In 30 Years!!!


Why hasn’t economic collapse happened yet?


Kleptocracy and Capital Controls


From Survival Blog, by William Lehr

It never ceases to amaze me the lengths that the psychopathic, controlling oligarchs will go to in order to strengthen their grip on humanity. Control and power are the weapons of these few. While weapons, they will also serve as their demise. You see, we are not boiling . . . → Read More: Kleptocracy and Capital Controls

US Troops Protecting Opium in Afghanistan


US Troops are Protecting and Harvesting Opium in Afghanistan. This video provides video and pictures of US troops protecting Opium fields to supply the world with its heroin. 90% of the Heroin/Opium of the world comes from this one country called Afghanistan.

It’s All in the Energy

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From Perpetual Assets

When we dissect the fundamentals of life we have energy. Energy is the source. To have growth, you must have energy, whether a micro organism, an individual, or an economy. As energy becomes harder to extract, efficiencies fall, surpluses fall, and growth stops.

As net exporting countries become net importers of . . . → Read More: It’s All in the Energy

The American War Machine – Joe Rogan

Opium Fields

Joe Rogan explains how the American War Machine screws over our society over and over again. 90% of the Opium supply is harvested from Afganistan and guarded by the US Troops. I Support our Troops but I don’t support all their actions toward other coutries, and the harvesting of resources of other countries at their . . . → Read More: The American War Machine – Joe Rogan

The END Of Silver Manipulation!!!

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THEY Want YOU!!!


This is perhaps my most important video I have ever done. Here is the formula to all of human misery.

Once this is consciously recognized, we will break the generations of debt and death.

The 2014 Slave Uncle is available from the Authorized Dealers at


Med-head Nation

VA's Disability Claims Backlog Pushes 900,000.wmv_snapshot_00.00_[2013.10.22_11.28.21]

Another great video from Mr. Peak Crackers

Silver Stacking Tips and Tricks #3


What could be more important than price when buying silver online?

Check out the peer-to-peer

Silver Stacking Tips and Tricks


Check out the peer-to-peer

Why You Should Buy Silver Series


Where you should buy silver

May Silver Shield Report

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The May Silver Shield Report is up with 10 new audios covering everything that happened this month.

We also have a pre-sale on TWO Silver Shield Members Only Coins. We will only produce what is sold during this pre-sale, so be prepared for the lowest minatge of the series.

Members can login to the Silver . . . → Read More: May Silver Shield Report

Planet of the lost a$$holes




Warning Strong language Just small rant about the effed up mind set I see and heard everyday . I asked 12 random people about the News in Crimea , All 12 had no clue on where Crimea was , or the events unfolding . – Mr. PC

Removing The Psychopaths From Power with Terry Pettie


From The Sound of Freedom Radio Show 4/27/14

Unfortunately the old Sound of Freedom Youtube channel was deleted. Show our new channel some love! If you enjoy the broadcast like this video share it and subscribe!

Special thanks to Gold Saver and Big Dad in the SSG for making this show possible!

. . . → Read More: Removing The Psychopaths From Power with Terry Pettie

Silver Stacking Tips and Tricks #1


Solar Thermal Hot Water Collector

Solar Thermal Hot Water Collector

There are many ways to reduce energy demand while maintaining a high standard of living. Technological innovations and their commercial applications (with its appropriate lag time or gestation period) changes our environment and in turn the new environment changes us. The web site, “Build it Solar” (BIS) has . . . → Read More: Solar Thermal Hot Water Collector

Top 17 Reasons To Own Gold Now

2014 Reverse 3D - BU - Gold

The 1 ounce .999 pure gold Freedom Girl comes with it’s own display box, airtite case and numbered Certificate of Authenticity.

Available with the Authorized Dealers at Bid on the lowest COA Gold Freedom Girl at

Top 17 Reasons To Buy Gold

#17- Gold is the purest form of money- . . . → Read More: Top 17 Reasons To Own Gold Now

SOLA 7.1 The Panic of 1907

Perpetual Assets Interviews Bix on Banksters, Bitcoin, and Bullion


Will Lehr of interviews Bix Weir of Join us for an in depth analysis of current events, including high frequency trading, bankster fraud, global currency reset, Putin, Volcker rule, bitcoin, and more. Bix makes a bombshell prediction on the creator of bitcoin.

April Silver Shield Collection

April SSC

April Silver Shield Report

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The April Silver Shield Report is now available to to all members on the forum.

4 new audios The New Truth Justice Peace member’s only coin Reserved COA’s for the 1 oz. Gold Freedom Girl

Standing Freedom Revealed

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A Bird in the Hand is Worth Two in the Vault


Click HERE for full article…

You can store your retirement account gold & silver under your pillow? Then why store anything precious outside of your control?

As I peruse my favorite alternative media sites bringing myself up to speed on the real news, I can’t help but wonder how people still give any credit . . . → Read More: A Bird in the Hand is Worth Two in the Vault

How to get FREE Gold & Precious Metals from Computers

Scrap Gold

This video shows you step-by-step how to take apart a common computer and retrieve the components that contain significant amounts of Gold, Silver, Platinum, and other amounts of precious metals.

Check out my 300 oz Silver Stack so far in my stacking and investing journey!

Real Men Stack Real Wealth

March SSC

David Morgan: $100 Silver, Dollar Collapse, and G20 Warning

John Perkins Discusses Economic Destabilization, Sorting Through Truth, 9/11 and Confessions Part 2


The Future Of Silver Exchanges

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Join the

Government Mafia

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Perpetual Assets Interviews Professor William Greene


Click Here for Video

Will Lehr of is joined by Professor William Greene, author of the original Constitutional Tender Act, used as a nationwide legislative benchmark by states promoting gold and silver as legal tender.

Government Torture

Woodstack 2014!


Check out my woodstack, where are all the woodsmen out there?

In the video I said it was CBS but it was actually The Daily Caller –

“Moving backwards: Northeasterners turn to burning wood for power”

I bet if you ask around the North East you’ll find that a lot more people have . . . → Read More: Woodstack 2014!

Putin Just Another “Hitler”


When puppets start name dropping Hitler, bad things happen

Yves Engler and the Black Book of Canadian Foreign Policy


Is Michelle Obama Actually A Man?


A listener to my radio show sent me this yesterday. I thought it would be hog wash, but after watching it I can tell you that they present a very convincing argument. Would it really surprise you to learn that the first lady is really the first man? As they say… Listen To All . . . → Read More: Is Michelle Obama Actually A Man?

Fact Library ~ Self-directed IRAs


Click Here for Full Article…

This page is meant to offer the black and the white as it pertains to IRAs, their investment options, and limitations. Here I will lay out the framework highlighting the legalities of taking physical possession of Gold, Silver, or Platinum Eagle Coins purchased with IRA funds. I will also cover . . . → Read More: Fact Library ~ Self-directed IRAs

The Rotten Fruits of Snowden-Mania: UN Control of Internet?


The latest from Mike King at



Obongo’s sudden decision to relinquish America’s remaining control over the Internet to “the International Community” caught many by surprise. This bold move potentially opens the doors to Global taxation of domain names and UN censorship of “hate speech”. For those among us who understand the Global . . . → Read More: The Rotten Fruits of Snowden-Mania: UN Control of Internet?

Conditioned Reflexes

Although there are numerous physical conditioned reflexes, such as in sports, there are also conditioned reflexes in our perception, the way we think, or our philosophy/beliefs. Sometimes they stop us from seeing the World/Universe as it actually presents itself. Many of these conditioned reflexes were postulated from the philosophy, assumptions and scientific thinking/evidence of times . . . → Read More: Conditioned Reflexes

The Art of Dying: Letting go of Fear Porn

Today will be 4 years since I woke up at age 21. If I could go back to my old self, I would give myself this message. And this is my gift to you all who are this stage of life:

Let go of the fear porn; the stress; the anxiety; and the worrying it . . . → Read More: The Art of Dying: Letting go of Fear Porn

Possible Ukraine False Flag This Weekend?


Identifying Different Psychopaths

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Fun With BitCoin Mad Libs


Bitcoin Thought Leaders Speculate on Friday’s Mega Bitcoin Movements

On Friday March 7, the Bitcoin community were watching with baited breath as massive BTC transactions were confirmed on the blockchain. Since then a number of theories have sprouted as to who is doing what and why.

Bitcoin pundit Bryce Weiner was one of the most . . . → Read More: Fun With BitCoin Mad Libs

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