I Have Been Played…

I just got off of the phone with Bob Moriarty and we have come to the conclusion that someone has been playing me. For the past week someone has been posting on my site as “Bob Moriarty.” This exchange has lead me to retaliate by calling him a Silver Hypocrite. I should have know it . . . → Read More: I Have Been Played…

In 6 Days, JP Morgue Has 41% More Physical Silver.


It has been 6 days since I last looked at the CRIMEX warehouses to see where the inventory of silver is. Despite the massive sell off in the paper, there is 1.5 million LESS ounces in the vaults. In a REAL market of REAL supply and REAL demand, one would think that there must be . . . → Read More: In 6 Days, JP Morgue Has 41% More Physical Silver.

Ron Paul Slays the Bank

Ron Paul Silver Bullet Silver Shield

The Perfect Silver Storm


This has been the best day I have seen in silver, up $1.52 in a day to 30 year+ highs. There are rumors swirling behind this latest rise that the socialist president of Bolivia, Evo Morales, is going to nationalize the largest pure silver miner San Cristobal, on International Workers Day, May 1st. I have . . . → Read More: The Perfect Silver Storm

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