You Can Not Ignore The Revolution

The masses who continue to flock to Ron Paul represent something more important than the election and a movement. It is far more significant than anything else in American politics. It is a paradigm shift leading the way back to the principles of personal liberty and responsibility, decentralized authority (states rights and . . . → Read More: You Can Not Ignore The Revolution

Stardate: 4/24


Okay, it is a little melodramatic since I don’t have a starship Enterprise but I want to use this opportunity to explain the meaning of 4/24, which I am sure some of you know already, and to dangle my feet a little. (more on that in a moment.) I know some of this is going . . . → Read More: Stardate: 4/24

The Silent Coup, Para Militarization And The New Reich

Big finance enslaves us with the crushing debt of upside down mortgages. Due to collapsing housing prices, caused by their blatant frauds. Our constitutional Scholar in Chief signs away our 1st, 4th, 5th 6th, and 8th amendment rights and the military industrial complex pushes to replace potential declines in foreign defense spending with an increase . . . → Read More: The Silent Coup, Para Militarization And The New Reich

What If We Were Living In A Tyrannical Nightmare?

Screen Shot 2011-11-30 at 8.44.11 PM

Judge Andrew Napolitano lays it our loud and clear. This paradigm must fail in order for freedom to be legalized again.

Constitution Review Day 1


Hello ladies and gentlemen,

Yesterday a reader recommended that I review the Constitution and I thought that was an absolutely fantastic idea. Then I got to thinking, well I’m sure I’m not the only one who could benefit from reviewing the Constitution, nor am I likely the only one who always means to do so . . . → Read More: Constitution Review Day 1

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