Sugar is Venom


I thought my fight with the right was over after the disastrous fascist Bush presidency, but I have found that more than ever the right is fundamentally trapped by the Republican establishment, namely Glenn Beck.

I have argued that Obama & Beck are Jokers of Same Deceitful Web and time has proven this over and . . . → Read More: Sugar is Venom

Resonate VII – Obama Nation II by Lowkey


The following designations are examples of slanderous terms used by those who can’t win an argument with reason and resort to refute fact by means of intimidation:

Conspiracy Theorist: Designation assigned by the corporate media to any idea divergent of ‘corporatist’ script.

Unpatriotic: Designation assigned by Bush voters/Republican Party supporters to . . . → Read More: Resonate VII – Obama Nation II by Lowkey

Military Industrial Complex 101

Republicrats and Demopublicans HAVE BEEN shills/salespersons for the Military Industrial Complex FOR A VERY LONG TIME.

4 Old Cartoons Explain The World


1. The Bankers/Wall Street own the False Left Right Paradigm:

. . . → Read More: 4 Old Cartoons Explain The World

Emancipation Proclamation Redux


I feel like Lincoln freed everyone but me… the American working class Joe, the small business owner and operator, the hands that built this country.

Planning should be my foundation, my legs, keeping my work agile enough to move forward. Integrity should be my bedrock, my shoulders, always keeping my head focused on what’s important . . . → Read More: Emancipation Proclamation Redux

Three Kick Rule

In December 2003, I attended a Tax Update seminar at Philadelphia University presented by several prominent Philadelphia tax professionals. I’m not an auditory learner; never have been. So I’m not one to retain any information professed aloud. The one size fits all government mandated schooling system of sitting in a cage with thirty peers all . . . → Read More: Three Kick Rule

Political and Economic Blinker Fluid: Just Add A False Solution


My recent experiences with car repair shops inspired me to contribute the following to the “Debt Ceiling Crisis” debate.

“The famous [Roman consul, representative] Lucius Cassius, whom the Roman people used to regard as a very honest and wise judge, was in the habit of asking, time and again, ‘Cui bono’ (‘To whose benefit’)?” – . . . → Read More: Political and Economic Blinker Fluid: Just Add A False Solution

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