CISPA is a great occasion to repeat:

Avoid US-based domain name registrars. GoDaddy is the undisputed Miss Collaboration 2012, but others are no better simply because they are in the US, where who knows what will be legal tomorrow. Avoid hosting your sites on US servers. Avoid hosting your sites with US companies. Avoid Gmail, . . . → Read More: SOPA, PIPA, now CISPA

MSM vs. WWW: Truth & Justice Is The Only Side To A Story

Did you hear of James Koutoulas eloquent letter requesting Jamie Dimon to return MF Global customers money? Did you hear Leon Panetta testify: the President has the right to go to war based on foreign or UN decisions, not our constitution? And, did you hear Eric Holder argue: the constitutional legality of using Drones to . . . → Read More: MSM vs. WWW: Truth & Justice Is The Only Side To A Story

10 Tools To Liberate the Web

10 tools that fall under the common themes of enabling peer-to-peer communication and exchange, protecting personal freedom and privacy, and giving people more control over their data and identity on the web

I don’t understand the purpose of all tools on this list, let alone the way they all work, but I have a . . . → Read More: 10 Tools To Liberate the Web

How to Keep a Low Profile on the Internet

The Internet is used for 2 purposes: to send information and to retrieve information. When you login to a site, you send information (your name and password). When you read news, you retrieve information. When you read your mail and reply to it, you first retrieve, then send information.

Between you and the site you . . . → Read More: How to Keep a Low Profile on the Internet

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