It’s Time For A Change of Plans


American Dictatorship


I hate this damn article! It has kept me up nights, I can’t get my mind off of it and there are many, much more talented writers, who could write this thing. I would like for one of the young men that write for Alex Jones, like Kurt Nimmo or one of the Watson brothers . . . → Read More: American Dictatorship

Resonate VIII- Paris


I have never been a big fan of rap, but by the looks of things it seems to be the place where the message is resonating the strongest with the truth that we are spreading here. Check out Martial Law.

I know that this next one is from Louis Farrakhan, but the words . . . → Read More: Resonate VIII- Paris

Why “It” Might Happen Here


For years, web sites across the Internet have been warning that Martial Law is just around the corner. Some sites even go so far as to predict when the government will make its diabolical move. The problem with most of these sites is that they offer no plausible scenario that could usher in such a . . . → Read More: Why “It” Might Happen Here

How .GOV Will Deal With Pissed Off Americans


(Editor’s note: Here is a really good article from Alex over at the Intel Hub about all of the government’s plans to deal with widespread social unrest. This is how the Elite operate they create a problem like destroy the economy by senseless and endless wars, de-industrialization, wide open boarders, massive inflation, never ending debts . . . → Read More: How .GOV Will Deal With Pissed Off Americans

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