Yaron Brook- Environmentalists more Dangerous to our Liberty then the Federal Reserve

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John Manfreda interviewed Yaron Brook about the Lessons of Ayn Rand to America, why she has been blacklisted in Academia, the Environmentalists, the elections, and many more topics.

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RON PAUL 2016 – Jason Burack

In this interview with Jason Burack of WallStForMainSt.com , Jason reveals his startling view that Ron Paul could actually be the Vice President in 2016. We also discuss the current election and the effects of either the continuation of Obama’s presidency or a Romney White House.

In part 2, Jason talks about the bullish . . . → Read More: RON PAUL 2016 – Jason Burack

You Can Not Ignore The Revolution

The masses who continue to flock to Ron Paul represent something more important than the election and a movement. It is far more significant than anything else in American politics. It is a paradigm shift leading the way back to the principles of personal liberty and responsibility, decentralized authority (states rights and . . . → Read More: You Can Not Ignore The Revolution

Ron Paul Wins Ohio Straw Poll

Texas Republican congressman Ron Paul has won the latest Republican presidential straw poll. According to “The State Column.”

The Texas Republican captured the support of 53 percent of Ohio Republicans. Former businessman Herman Cain won the support of 26 percent of Republicans voting in the poll. Mitt Romney captured 8 percent in the poll, . . . → Read More: Ron Paul Wins Ohio Straw Poll

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