A Personal Note On The American Dream

Dear Friends, I want to speak on a personal level right now. I studied economics at the Univerisity of California in the early 1970’s, but I am not an economist. The information that I give is not that of an economist. I have never traded stocks. The only bonds I ever purchased was through the . . . → Read More: A Personal Note On The American Dream

Why Bother?


On Jul 31, 2011, at 3:48 AM


Why at all bother? Why shove new and disturbing ideas down the minds of people who are happy the way they are?

I am taking the “Let the dead bury their dead” directive seriously – yet here you are, trying to tell them that . . . → Read More: Why Bother?

Known Prostitute


by Kelly James

Officer John Q. Lawhead of the Scottsdale Police Department observes a black Chevy Camaro driven by a dark haired female heading eastbound on Shea Boulevard. He quickly turns to follow the vehicle and as soon as he is able to get a clear view, he enters the identification number displayed on . . . → Read More: Known Prostitute

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