Guns for the Dollar Collapse Chaos

Just Posted a video featuring my StagArms Ar-15 and a little discussion about why the rifle is an important item to have. With the Anger/Chaos Phase approaching, it is important to be ready for the task at hand. I also cover going to a Conceal Carry Class this weekend.

Prepare for the worst, Hope . . . → Read More: Guns for the Dollar Collapse Chaos

Why the S Will Never HTF

Our Elites are smart and cautious. They don’t want turbulence. They want the pump to run smoothly. Cornered people, on the other hand, are brave and uncontrollable. What should we expect then?

. . . → Read More: Why the S Will Never HTF

SHTF School

I created this post as a companion piece to go with the After Armageddon one. This website I’m going to send you to is written by a Bosnian man named Selco. When it comes to surviving when the SHTF, who better to listen to than someone who has been there, done that.Having survived the war . . . → Read More: SHTF School

After Armageddon

This History channel program shows one possible scenario of what America could look like after a worldwide flu pandemic occurs. While this program depicts a flu pandemic, the outcome would (could) be very similar whether it’s caused by a currency collapse, aliens attacking or a terrorist plot,etc. This worse case scenario has a very dark . . . → Read More: After Armageddon

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