Silver Shield’s Final Warning


One year ago marked the beginning of silver returning to it’s rightful role as money in the world. One year ago silver was at $17.76 an ounce after a very long and drawn out consolidation that went all the way back to St. Patrick’s Day 2008. One year ago was the beginning of silver’s breathtaking . . . → Read More: Silver Shield’s Final Warning

11 Mentality Shifts of Silver Investors


We are going to see a huge shift in silver investor mentality. (By the looks of today’s action it could be today.) Silver buyers will no longer be “nerdy” guys talking about Austrian Economics or “momentum monkeys” trying to make a quick buck trading metals. It will be wide eyed panic buying as people wake . . . → Read More: 11 Mentality Shifts of Silver Investors

Observations of the Silver Smack Down


I am, without a doubt, positive that this past week was nothing more than a huge, coordinated, paper manipulated con. This attack was huge and powerful, but I feel will be short lived. Nothing has changed fundamentally in the physical market, in fact it has gotten more bullish. There is less physical silver on the . . . → Read More: Observations of the Silver Smack Down

If You Don’t Hold It, You Don’t Own It


Let this be a lesson to you all… Precious Metals Storage Scam: ‘Sorry, Delivery Is Not Possible’ Author: Mac Slavo

If you’ve been investing in precious metals then you’ve likely made a pretty decent profit on your wealth preservation investment over the last several years. With the popularity of precious metals increasing exponentially as the . . . → Read More: If You Don’t Hold It, You Don’t Own It

In The Bunker at JP Morgan

What would a crisis be with out a good Hitler freak out video? Get inside the bunker of JP Morgue as the Silver Liberation Army over runs them. This video deserves to go viral.

Are You Ready For the Rollover?


David Morgan has done an amazing video that you all must see. He does this great video about how the dollar collapse is going to happen. The scary thing is that this video is based on a movie that was made in 1980! I highly recommend everyone go and watch this video and share it . . . → Read More: Are You Ready For the Rollover?

Beware of the Great Silver Correction

silver correction

There seems to be a big debate going on now about silver going up too far, too fast. Paper money traitors traders have tried to call the silver top all the way up and have had their heads handed to them by the market. Technical analysts have called for pull backs based off of some . . . → Read More: Beware of the Great Silver Correction

Ready For $7.78 A Gallon Gas?!


The most important thing in the world for you to understand right now is that prices are NOT going up, it is the value of your money going down. The more debt/money created out of thin air by the privately owned Federal Reserve and the more money/debt spent by the Federal Government, the less value . . . → Read More: Ready For $7.78 A Gallon Gas?!

The REAL Silver High


There is much ballyhoo about recent rise in silver’s Nominal price, but the REAL high is far, far away. Silver is closing in on the Silver Thursday high of $48.70 set in 1980. The REAL high is still miles away, so don’t start worrying about reaching the top.

We all know that $48.70 in . . . → Read More: The REAL Silver High

The Perfect Silver Storm


This has been the best day I have seen in silver, up $1.52 in a day to 30 year+ highs. There are rumors swirling behind this latest rise that the socialist president of Bolivia, Evo Morales, is going to nationalize the largest pure silver miner San Cristobal, on International Workers Day, May 1st. I have . . . → Read More: The Perfect Silver Storm

Bankster’s Battle of the Chosin Reservoir

Bankster's Battle of the Chosin Reservoir

I wrote an article a couple weeks ago called $36 Silver- The Bankster’s Waterloo? In the article I pointed out in the month of March there was a seemingly line the sand that the banksters were trying to hold silver at $36. Two trading days later, silver broke through $36 and has added $3.60 or . . . → Read More: Bankster’s Battle of the Chosin Reservoir

Silver Guerrilla Marketing


One of our Academy members has taken it upon his self to print up 45,000 Crash JP Morgan Buy Silver business cards. If you are interested, you can buy some to hand out to people that you meet and start the spark for people to buy silver.

Click here for more details.

. . . → Read More: Silver Guerrilla Marketing

No Investment Goes Straight Up…

Silver Rocket 1

… except in a mania.

I have been a little at odds with the professional trading community about silver. These traders make money on trading trends, Fibonacci numbers and Elliot Waves. I have heard countless experts claim that they interpret secret signals that the markets tell them. There are all sorts of gurus and programs . . . → Read More: No Investment Goes Straight Up…

$36 Silver- The Bankster’s Waterloo?

Final battle

March is setting up to be a very interesting month for silver. There is a tight and violent action between $36 and $34 silver. This is a battle between the Aware and the Banksters. Sooner or later someone is going to scream uncle, and the Silver Door will be shut for good.

On the floor . . . → Read More: $36 Silver- The Bankster’s Waterloo?

My Silver Story

It was St. Patrick’s Day of 2008 and I was out having a couple of Guinness and Talemore Dews. I celebrating my precious silver rally from $14 to $21 dollars in less than 3 months. Over the next week or so, Bear Stearns collapsed and silver dumped from $21 to $16 and I took a . . . → Read More: My Silver Story

The Silver Door Is Closing

Silver Rocket 1

I have a little theory that I’ve been kicking around for a couple of years. The theory is that there will come a time that you will not be able to buy silver at any price. It will not be because there is not any silver around to be purchased or that silver will not . . . → Read More: The Silver Door Is Closing

Silver Technical Analysis

Here is a pretty cool video doing some technical analysis of buying silver. As a bonus he does a pretty cool review of my article, The Silver Bullet and the Silver Shield. Take a look.

The Silver Rocket

(I have already been accused of “showing my ass and shaking my pom poms” for silver by I figured I would spend the month of March cheering on silver from the sidelines, since I am not a player 😉

I made the prediction that silver would hit $50 by the end of March. . . . → Read More: The Silver Rocket

Beware the Silver Ides of March

March has always been a tumultuous month. It is the end winter and the beginning of spring. It has been said that it comes in like a lion and leaves like a lamb. March also has the ominous day of March 15th, the Ides of March. This was the day that Julius Caesar was assassinated . . . → Read More: Beware the Silver Ides of March

The Silver Bullet And The Silver Shield

“The BEST article written on silver in Ten Years!”– Jason Hommel “Article of the Week” at Silver Bear Cafe The Ultimate FREE Silver Investors Guide.

Two of the most common questions I get inside of the Sons of Liberty Academy focus on two things: how to turn back the tide of this increasingly corrupt system . . . → Read More: The Silver Bullet And The Silver Shield

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