It’s Time For A Change of Plans


Play “The What’s My Name?” Game!


From The Sound of Freedom Radio Show 10/27/13 – The “what’s my name?” game! Can you guess who I am talking about?


I propose that those of us that understand how utterly hopeless our political system has become make our endorsements now for the only politician out there with any dignity left – . . . → Read More: Play “The What’s My Name?” Game!

A Snake in the Grassroots of the Tea Party

I have warned those in the Freedom Movement about Patriot Pied Pipers trying to infiltrate, subvert and destroy the National Tea Party. On a national level, I warned about Glenn Beck, Sarah Palin, and even Wikileaks. Well now I see they have even burrowed into the local grassroots of the Tea Party. I had a . . . → Read More: A Snake in the Grassroots of the Tea Party

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