The attack in Boston happened because… of American complacency?


Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell yesterday spoke on the Senate floor regarding the terrorist attack on Patriot day in Boston and had this to say:


“With the passage of time, however, and the vigilant efforts of our military, intelligence and law enforcement professionals, I think it’s safe to say that, for many, the . . . → Read More: The attack in Boston happened because… of American complacency?

Stardate: 4/24


Okay, it is a little melodramatic since I don’t have a starship Enterprise but I want to use this opportunity to explain the meaning of 4/24, which I am sure some of you know already, and to dangle my feet a little. (more on that in a moment.) I know some of this is going . . . → Read More: Stardate: 4/24

The New Face Of Terror


"Domestic Terrorist"

The world hit a whole new level of crazy today. So crazy that even I might be at a loss for words to describe how screwed up this is.

Look into the eyes of terror… This man looks as dangerous as Osama bin Laden and Hitler all rolled into one. This “Domestic . . . → Read More: The New Face Of Terror

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