Ahead of His Time


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l Give Chris Duane big Props on this I think he sums up so well with the 5 stages of awaking …Years back when he wrote this. So lets look at where this has lead to. Well before your time Chris .

( Hat Tip ) Peak.

Remember this?

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What Happened To America?


I have had listeners to the radio show ask what does “murica” mean? I have said that we are living in the product of over 100 years of social engineering. The movie Idiocracy may not be now, but it is happening. Brace yourself –

What can explain this rise of Murica? Social engineering? The . . . → Read More: What Happened To America?

What Will the Death of the Dollar FEEL Like?


Whatever you do, don’t get caught with the deer in the headlight look!


Idiocracy is Now – In Pictures


Those of you out there that have heard The Sound of Freedom Radio Show may be familiar with some of these already… I have noticed a trend among many in the alternative news community, to tell the audience that “we” are winning, and “they”, the bad guys, are losing… I hate to be the bearer . . . → Read More: Idiocracy is Now – In Pictures

Economic Outlook From 1975

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A piece from an article entitled “Economic Outlook” in Mother Earth News Magazine,1975. So far, it looks like they called it…


Check out Mother Earth News for tons of great information – http://www.motherearthnews.com/

Identifying and Shunning the Psychopath

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Radio Host Kevin Bull joins me to talk about the influence of sociopaths and psychopaths in western civilization, and how it has manipulated millions of people without their knowledge.


Check out Kevin Bull online here – http://freethinkingvoice.org/ Check out The Sound of Freedom Online at http://thesoundoffreedom.info/

Having trouble realizing how sick this country has become? Watch this


The great experiment has turned into the great nightmare. I have found that many in the “truth movement” that are “fighting to save the republic” do not want to know about things like this happening more and more every day, and usually, only in America. Just pretend you are watching Idiocracy, but be warned, the . . . → Read More: Having trouble realizing how sick this country has become? Watch this

Jailing Americans Corporate Style

This is a First and Second Addendum to: The Big Business of Jailing Americans


Since Nixon declared the war on drugs – 1971, the beginning of privatizing prisons – 1981 and the Sentencing Reform Act – 1984 prison populations have soared. The United States prison system now makes the infamous Soviet Gulag System look . . . → Read More: Jailing Americans Corporate Style

The Big Business of Jailing Americans

An empty jail cell awaits a new prisoner

“Corrections Corporation of America, the largest operator of for-profit prisons in the US, has spent millions of dollars lobbying Washington for stricter laws that would ensure that their facilities are regularly close to total capacity. As these companies spend money to make new laws and expand . . . → Read More: The Big Business of Jailing Americans

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