Feed the bees

Genetic diversity is dwindling at an alarming rate throughout the world. The impact upon our ability to produce crops in the future could become a serious problem and one that shouldn’t be underestimated, brushed under the carpet, and simply ignored.

Bees and other insect numbers are reducing rapidly, resulting in areas that cannot pollinate . . . → Read More: Feed the bees

Bountiful Harvest



Having never garden before, I am very encouraged by what I have been able to do. With the raised beds and constant watering, we are really pumping out the veggies. I will expand my efforts dramatically next year based off of the success this year.

. . . → Read More: Bountiful Harvest

Smart Preparations for Tomorrow’s Tough Times


So, you’re thinking about preparing (prepping) for an uncertain future, or maybe you’ve already made the decision to prepare? Well, you’re not alone. Many of your brothers and sisters out there are concerned that America’s future could take such a drastic and negative turn that our everyday life could be forever altered. Even if it . . . → Read More: Smart Preparations for Tomorrow’s Tough Times

Organic Educare’


It would be good to define education. We are so far from it. To return to its origin might help us understand why our children are so unhappy in our education system We call what we are doing education when it is really indoctrination, quite a different activity. Any natural being when not allowed to . . . → Read More: Organic Educare’

5 Reasons To Garden PLUS 5 Ways To Do It


Gardening is about more than just old ladies tottering in the back yard or suburbanites growing special tomatoes and odd herbs for the kitchen. Gardening has five distinct advantages that everyone can enjoy – in both good times and bad. Plus, the usual excuses for gardening are all just excuses – anyone can garden anywhere, . . . → Read More: 5 Reasons To Garden PLUS 5 Ways To Do It

Naturally End the Medical Industrial Complex

For many centuries, mankind has harnessed the power of herbs and other plants to provide remedies to countless ailments and illnesses. Within the current oil-based paradigm, the common man has lost touch with this knowledge, and has become dependent on government-sanctioned pharmaceuticals throughout the world, and especially in the western world. Although it is indeed . . . → Read More: Naturally End the Medical Industrial Complex

The Seed Bullet and the Seed Shield


A few thousand years ago, mankind learned the art of locally-produced food by studying how seeds grow and how to collect subsequent seed for the following season. This great art of cultivation allowed civilizations to settle in a certain location, and thus progressed man from the hunter-gatherer status in which he previously lived. . . . → Read More: The Seed Bullet and the Seed Shield

True Independence: Part IV


In my last article I promised you an almost all inclusive list of the things you will need to survive the Second Great Depression. To do this let us look at some of the lists that helped shape the founding and backbone of this great nation for over two hundred years. Early settlers and pioneers . . . → Read More: True Independence: Part IV

Food Glorious Food


“The whole world is a garden, and what a wonderful place it would be, if we each took care of our part of the Earth, our garden.” Anonymous

Contemporary gardening has become a project rife with aesthetic objectives throughout the western world. Beautiful gardens containing non-edible, non-native and often difficult-to-cultivate plant-life have become the . . . → Read More: Food Glorious Food

Preserving the Harvest


by Cyrus D. Harding

By preserving the harvest I do not mean that you need to rush out and purchase a tiller or hire a local farmer to plow your well manicured lawn under and start planting turnips. Your harvest may consist of a really good deal on carrots at a local produce stand or . . . → Read More: Preserving the Harvest

True Independence

2011 Potato Harvest

Dear Chis,

I planted fifty pounds of potatoes in late February and you can see my harvest, over 300 pounds in the midst of the worst drought in Texas history (113 years of record keeping).

The next picture is just our first day of canning, within 24 hours of harvest. . . . → Read More: True Independence

Great Free Victory Garden Resouces


Our resident Liberty Poet Marie has sent us some great resources for all of you Victory Gardeners to use.

Thank you Marie!

Garden Planning Math

Produce Utilization Chart

Weights and Approximate Processed Yields of Common Fruits and Vegetables

References by Crop

How To Go Organic in Your Garden

Vegan Fertilizer


If anyone wants to . . . → Read More: Great Free Victory Garden Resouces

Operation: Victory Garden


I have been doing the shoulda, woulda, coulda dance for three years about doing a garden. Well last week when silver was getting whacked, I decided it was a great time to get started. I have no clue as to what I am doing, but as with anything, experience is the best teacher. I am . . . → Read More: Operation: Victory Garden

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